Matte Magic: 20 Summer Nail Designs We’re Obsessed With

You probably think of a glossy manicure when you imagine the perfect manicure. As popular as glossy nail designs are, matte nails look just as good.

LaTara Haye, a Nailing Hollywood artist, says: “Matte nails have their own style. They are bold and chic.” Matte nails can add a touch of je ne sais quoi to any manicure, allowing it to stand out in a surprising way. You need proof? Scroll through the gallery to see a range of matte summer nails.

These matte moments will make you smile. From French manicures and solid colors to fruit-inspired designs and abstract art, they are all so much fun.

Negative Space Pastel Neon Matte French Mani

image 1946

This matte neon pastel nail look is too cool to ignore for the summer. Joseph created this look using Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All in One Polish ($18) in Babe, Lemon Drop (also known as Lime Time), Sweet Tart and Tea Cups. The matte topcoat was added to finish it off.

Hot Pink Outline Nails

image 1951


The season’s biggest color is magenta pink. You can see here how even a few slivers can have a big impact. Pink Orchid Gel Polish by Le Mini Macaron is the exact shade of pink used in this photo.

Artsy Matte Swirl Nails

image 1940


This matte art look nails belongs in a gallery. This looks like an abstract coral.

Abstract Matte Purple Nails

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In 2024, you may have noticed the emergence of ultra-bright purple shades. If you want to jump on the trend and not spend much money, go for a matte royal-purple manicure. You can keep it simple or add accents of pink, white and orange, like Jessica Lauritzen.

Abstract Pink Nails

image 1950


We love abstract matte nails, but with a thumb like this one, it’s hard to deny. Cirque Colors nail polish in Tumbleweed and Wild Berry West will give you the same look.

Cute Matte Coral Nails

image 1944


Note the subtle gingham accent nail in this matte coral pink nail look. Lauritzen claims it’s an homage to the Barbie film.

Earthy Matte Green Nails

image 1940


Even matte solid polishes make a style statement. A matte earthy green shade is a great example. The shade Danny by Pin-Up paint has been discontinued. However, Manucurist’s Green Quick Dry Intense Colour Nail Polish in Artichaut ($14) can give you a similar effect.

Dual Finish Black French Mani

image 1938


You can create a French manicure with just one nail color. As long as you use both glossy and matte topcoats, you are good to go.

Matte Greenery Mani

image 1947


Are you headed somewhere tropical? Choose a botanical pattern in different shades of green and top it off with a matte finish to create a rainforest effect on your nails. Morgan A. Dixon, a Nailing Hollywood artist, created this one that immediately caught our eye.

Matte Cow Nails

image 1942


Cow print will be popular this summer, thanks to Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter. Western-inspired clothing is also on the rise. It’s easy for us to DIY using black and white nail polish and a dotting instrument. Remember to use a matte finish.

Matte Nude Botanical Nails

image 1943


Even matte neutral nails are appealing. Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and nail artist, suggests experimenting with neutral shades and sealing with a matte finish for a fun twist to a traditional manicure. Add a botanical sprig to an accent nail for a summery look.

Matte Sunset Stiletto Skittle Nails

image 1941


This matte, sunset-inspired skittle mani is just too beautiful to ignore. Hanna believes that multicolor nails can be worn in any season. To make your multicolor manicure summer themed, choose highly saturated colors and top them off with a matte finish for a soft look.

Matte Teddy Nails

image 1953


ICYMI, the Ralph Lauren bear has inspired the latest fashion craze: dressing like a Polo Bear. This nail design takes it to the next level of beauty. Rachel Joseph, a nail Hollywood artist, created this cute mani by covering her glossy teddy nails with a matte topcoat. You can create your own bears by using dotting tools of different sizes. It’s much easier than you think!

Rainbow Checker Matte Nail

image 1945


Excuse us as we swoon at these stunning multicolor matte checkser nails. These nails were made using the Drizzle Beauty Poolside Collection (26 dollars).

Matte Neon Snakeskin Nails

image 1952


Haye says that neons are the perfect choice for a matte summer nail look. This neon snakeskin manicure by Laura Malarkey, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood, is one of our favorites matte summer nail looks.

Retro Mismatch Matte Mani

image 1948


This mani is made up of matte pastels. This mani is made up of flowers, smileys and rainbows with shades of beige and pink.

Matte White Dew Drop Nails

image 1945


The nail to the right is the one you should focus on. What is that matte metallic base? Those crystal clear dew drops? Summer mani perfection.

Cutesy Matte French Mani

image 1949


This matte French manicure is a great option for anyone who loves a cutesy look on their nails or wants to give a summer manicure to a child. Malarkey painted the nails by hand with various pastel polishes and topped them off with Luxapolish Velveteen Matte No Wipe Gel Top Coat (US$20).

Short Watermelon Mani

image 1939


Haye says that matte-finish fruit nail art looks amazing. A combination of neon tropic vibes with fruit is perfect for vacation. Lauritzen created this watermelon manicure. Cute, no?

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