6 Ways to Rock the Must-Have Barrel Jeans

I refuse to acknowledge the return of skinny jeans! The past few years were a time of loose, baggy and wide clothing. The denim Hall of Fame is home to barrel jeans, the newest silhouette that’s curvy in all the right spots and will be the next pair of pants you want.

The barrel jeans are also known as balloon jeans. They have a wide, tapered fit. The barrel jeans are usually fitted at the waist and curve around the mid-leg. They then tighten up the ankle. Bow-legged jeans are the perfect blend of relaxed and polished. But what to pair with barrel denim is another matter.

The balloon trousers are a versatile style that can be worn with almost anything. Their curvy legs add a playful touch to any outfit. If celebrities like Katie Holmes endorse it, then it’s definitely worth trying. For those who are brave enough to try the polarizing trend of barrel jeans this season, here are six different ways to wear them.

Knits and Sweaters Galore

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You can pair baggy barrel jeans with any sweater or knit. To create a stylish outfit, it’s important to play with proportions. You can contrast them with a tight-knit shirt or relax the jeans even further with a oversized, loose sweater to create a casual look. Remember that your jeans will always make a statement, no matter which sweater you wear.

Wear a crop top to show off your entire body

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You can embrace the balloon look by removing your shirt. (Yes, that’s right). Why not wear a cropped top with the wide tapered jeans? Do not be afraid to expose your midriff. If you are feeling brave, you can wear a bralette or sports bra to make your jeans the stars of the show. It’s also a good idea to wear a tank top.

Chunky Shoes all the Way

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You might be wondering what shoes go with barrel jeans now that you’ve got the top. If you want to emphasize the puffiness of your mid-leg then choose chunky shoes such as boots, loafers or sandals. It’s all about playing with volume. Keep the top business and the bottom bulky.

Pick a Blazer, Any Blazer

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Blazers can be worn with almost any type of denim including barrel jeans. The structured outerwear is a great way to add a touch of androgyny to wide-leg bottoms. This is a classic solution for day-to-night dressing. You can also choose a sophisticated cardigan or a buttoned-up tweed coat. You can pair this with a simple T-shirt and have an outfit that will last for many years.

Lean On Leather

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A leather jacket can add a touch of edge to any outfit. If you pair barrel jeans with the bulky leather jacket, you’ll feel like a rebel.

Baby, bring on the bodysuits

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Low-rise balloon jeans are back, whether you like them or not. Consider wearing a bodysuit when you are deciding what to pair with low to mid-rise barrel jeans. Put on some kitten heels and you are ready for street style.

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