How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Naturally

How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Naturally?

Women often complain about having thin and sparse eyebrows. Some women have thin eyebrows naturally while some women ruin their eyebrows after over-plucking or over-threading. Aging is another important factor behind it.  As women get older, they are more likely to face hair loss in eyebrows. We all want fuller eyebrows because they tend to give you a fresh and young look, while thin eyebrows make you look dull and old. If you have sparse eyebrows, and you are worried about how to make your eyebrows grow naturally without any side effects, read these tips to find the best possible solutions. 


1. How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?

The first thing that women are concerned about is the maximum time span of getting your eyebrows back. The time of growing may vary woman to woman. It mostly depends on your type of hair or dietary intake. So, having them regrown within a night would not be possible. This may take 6 months to a year maximum. So, you have to keep patience. [Read here: How to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs]

2. Stop Plucking them!

If you really want to have thick and heavy eyebrows, stop plucking them for an unlimited time. Natasha Johnny, a beauty expert suggests to stop plucking or waxing your brows for about a year. According to her, it’s the best way to get those lost bushy brows. Many of you might not be feeling positive about this solution. As all those clumsy hair growths on your face tend to give you a rough and dull look. Not plucking for months is optional. Still there is a lot that you can do to get fuller eyebrows. Let’s read on.

3. Find the Best Brows Products

Look for the brows products that have Prostaglandin as one of the main ingredients. Prostaglandin is a substance (hormone-like) that causes stimulation in the roots and helps growing more hair. Experts also suggest Rogaine and latisse for eyebrows. They come without any harming effects on your brows. Latisse functions like magic to increase the growth and thickness of the brow hair. While Rogaine not just improves follicles but it also increases the amount of tiny hair around the brows, giving a fuller look to your brows.

How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Naturally

source: stylecaster

4. Regular Use of Brow Serums

Brow serums are another great way for thickening of brows. Serums for brows work slowly. To get the maximum benefits, apply it daily (a must-do), once in a day. Repeat the same process for about 6 weeks.

5. Exfoliation of Brows

Just like our face, the skin of our eyebrows too has dead skin cells that need to be removed from time to time. Exfoliation is the best option for that. Exfoliation improves the blood circulation. And as the dead cells are gone, the skin gets to breathe properly and you experience fuller and bushier brows.

6. How to Grow Eyebrows using Castor Oil?

Castor oil is the most affordable and recommended way of getting thick eyebrows. It comes without any side effects. After using castor oil, eyebrows become far better than before. Here is the right way of application to get the best results.

  • Apply it every night after cleaning your face (especially eyebrows) of any impurities or makeup.
  • Pour some castor oil on a cotton bud and apply it on the eyebrows.
  • Now gently massage the area, using your fingertips (for 3 minutes).
  • Leave it that way for the whole night and wash it with lukewarm water, as you wake up.
  • Repeat the same process and watch the difference within 3 to 4 weeks.

7. Vaseline Application

Many times, women don’t know how to pluck your eyebrows but they keep on doing that. As a result, either they over-pluck it or simply destroy their natural style. To get those lost hairs back, a simple application of Vaseline gel is a proven trick. Apply it each night on your brows from inside to outside direction. And wash it next morning. The petroleum compound in the cream locks the moisture, giving the skin better chances to flourish, moisturize and grow. As a result, you get brows both longer and thicker.

How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Naturally

source: cosmopolitan

8. Onion Juice

Onion juice comes with hair-growing element (sulfur), that improves collagen production that is great for hair growth. That is why it is often recommended as a cure for baldness. Same case applies on eyebrows. Massage your brows with fresh onion juice for about five minutes daily. To get the best results, follow the same procedure for 5 to 6 weeks at least.

9. Aloe Vera Juice

Get the benefits of the amazingly fresh aloe Vera juice by cutting its succulent. It is said to have great properties that help in a better growth of eyebrow’s hair. Gently massage the extracts on the brows and leave them for about 30 minutes. Then wash it well.

10. How to grow Thicker Eyebrows using Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is yet another great way of dealing with thinner-looking eye brows. Coconut oil is not only antibacterial, it also helps reducing the dandruff in the brows (brows dandruff tends to make brows thinner). Apply it on the brows and the plucked area around them. Gently massage it and leave it till next morning.

11. How to Make your Eyebrows grow faster with Nutrient Diet?

Any positive change in your body is not possible without bringing some positive dietary changes in your lifestyle. Even in the growth of eye brows, food plays a significant role. For the most amazing results, opt for the food items that are rich in biotin. These may include—fresh and green leafy vegetables, nuts (especially peanuts and almonds), eggs, avocado and salmon.

12. Some other Tips

  • Don’t wear too much makeup on the brows. Over-rubbing of brows with pencils or other eyebrow makeups with harsh chemicals, tends to weaken the brow follicles. As a result, you end up with thinner looking eye brows.
  • Do not apply normal body lotions on your brows. They do nothing but clogging of pores in your eyebrows. Apply only the creams and lotions that are made for eyebrows.
  • Brush your brows thrice in a week, using some soft brush. It would improve blood circulation in brow’s skin.
How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Naturally

source: livestrong

Conclusion: You can regrow eyebrows by following any of these tips. In case, you are experiencing a consistent hair fall of eyebrows, it might be the indication of some underlying ailment. So, you better get it checked by some dermatologist. [Read here: Pros and Cons of Eyelashes you must be aware of]

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