Best foundations for Mature Skin

A Comprehensive Guide to Best foundations for Mature Skin

Foundation is something that cannot be applied without knowing the age group of the woman (if you want a radiantly fresh look). As your skin ages, the makeup application should be reduced. Just follow the rule; Less is more! So, you better find the best foundations for mature skin. According to dermatologists, only two types of foundations are suitable for aging skin.

  • Cream Foundation
  • Liquid Foundation

Check out the expert’s list of the high-quality foundations for aging skin.

1.Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light


Formulated especially for mature skin, this foundation by Chanel can easily be a part of your daily regimen or an office-Appropriate Makeup.

  • Lightweight fluid lets the skin breathe.
  • A single application helps covering the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The ingredients of the product include hyaluronic acid which superbly hydrates your skin.
  • With SPF 15, it gives protection from sun rays.
  • The anti-aging formula is enriched with high definition light pigments that add an even glow to your face.
  • Not suitable for those who like a thick application of foundation.

2.Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup



Even if you have a mature skin, this all-in-one product promises to bring the best out of you.

  • Not just a foundation, but your anti-aging treatment.
  • lightening the aging lines and wrinkles, if you keep using it regularly.
  • Delivering an all-natural look.
  • Including the ingredients to protect your skin against harsh UV rays.
  • The powerful formula boosts the production of natural collagen that results in a younger looking skin.

3. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Foundation


Ladies with the issue of dry skin should give it a try. Let’s know how it really works.

  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Ceramide Plump Perfect technology combats aging problem and gives a firmer skin.
  • Available in seven natural shades.
  • Enriched with moisturizing elements that fight dryness.
  • Microfine light diffusers help concealing the fine lines and other skin blemishes.
  • Sun protection with SPF 15
  • Get antioxidant protection with vitamin A, B and C.

4. Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation


Make up For Ever has formulated this one of the best foundations for mature skin. Ladies with aging problem or dry skin would definitely like it.

  • The product is formulated with extraordinary‘lifting’ effect, that miraculously lessens the aging signs like wrinkles and tiring effects from your face.
  • Natural finish!
  • Available in natural color range for all skin tones
  • Glides on easily and offers a dewy look.
  • Suitable for all skin types

5. Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup


This is a cream based foundation that is best for mature and dry skin. As winter is here, you have a better excuse for trying one.

  • Soft and silky finish
  • Available in many natural skin tones
  • Blends seamlessly!
  • Creamy texture cures dryness
  • It’s colorstay formula gives it a long lasting staying power.

6. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation


Last on our list but surely not the least, this drugstore foundation promises the radiant looking softer look.

  • Silky soft finish
  • SPF 15 sun protection makes it best choice for daytime outdoor use.
  • Available in numerous blendable shades to give a natural look
  • Gives a hydrated finish
  • Stays put all day long!
  • Lightweight and does not give a cakey look.

Tips to follow Before Applying a Foundation!

Before you buy any of the above mentioned mature skin foundations, you must know a few quick beauty fixes to avoid any undesirable situation.

Tip 1: Hydrate your Skin!

For mature skin, hydration is the best solution. To get the best results of a foundation, you must keep hydrating your skin on regular basis. The more hydrated your skin, the easier it is to glide the foundation.

Note: For skin hydration, products with hyaluronic acid can work wonders.

Tip 2: know your Skin Type!

The most important thing before looking for the best foundations for mature skin is to know your skin type first. Knowing exactly about your skin type would be helpful in buying the most suitable product for it.

Tip 3: Using Foundation on Dry Skin

Ladies with dry skin should be more careful while applying the foundation. It’s one of the hardest tasks to make foundation sit atop your dry and flaky skin, smoothly. Make sure that you moisturize or exfoliate your skin (with coconut oil) everyday while you’re taking shower.

Tip 4: Find the Suitable Foundation Primer

A tinted primer makes sure that the foundation you are going to apply settles evenly. It fills in the gaps of skin in the wrinkly areas and fine lines, to ensure an even application of foundation without letting it fall into the cracks. Other than this, a suitable primer promises an even skin tone and minimized large pores.

Note: Other than applying a primer, opt for other ways like eye creams and serums to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Tip 5: Type of Foundation

As the skin ages, you better look for a foundation that’s rich with moisturizing agents and glides on easily with superior blendability. Remember, powder foundation is NOT for you.

Tip 6: Foundation is not a mask!

For mature skin, always apply a very thin and dewy layer of foundation that blends like a dream. It promises a younger looking fresh skin. The thicker the base, the more visible the wrinkles would be.

Tip 7: How to Try a Foundation?

Each foundation comes with a lot of instructions and promises of a long lasting and stay-in-place effect. Don’t believe blindly on the promises. Try it yourself. Apply it all over, wait for about half an hour and look in the mirror. If it’s the same as it was at the time of application, thumbs up!! If it’s settled in the wrinkled areas, badly exposing the lines, it’s not recommended for use.

Conclusion: Like I said earlier that you can’t bring back the good old days when you were young. But there are a lot of techniques, if followed properly, you can look stunning even in your 40’s. Give it a start today by looking for the best foundations for mature skin. Want to know what you can do when your foundation turns orange, check this out.

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