Eyeliner Mastery: The Ultimate Guide for Every Eye Shape

Eye makeup is important no matter what stage you’re at in your makeup career. Whether you’re just starting out or are a makeup pro, we can all agree that it’s a must. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are two things that can completely transform your appearance. However, since we all have unique eye shapes, there is no single way to wear them.

It would be unhelpful to provide just one set of tips for someone with almond-shaped eyelids. To ensure that everyone gets the eyeliner they want, we need to know the best way to apply it for their eye shape.

Three professional makeup artists were contacted to teach us the best way to apply eyeliner for each eye shape. Remember, these are just suggestions. There are no rules or hard and fast rules in the world of makeup. We’ve listed each eye shape below, along with expert tips for how to apply eyeliner next time.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Almond-Shaped Eyes :

It’s good news for almond-shaped-eyed people: you can wear any eyeliner style and it will look great. You can wear any makeup look you want because of its versatile shape. Jessica Elbaum, a celebrity makeup artist recommends applying eyeliner to almond-shaped eyes on the outer edge of the corner, beginning three-quarters of the distance along the lid. She says that a tight line of eyeliner under the lashes in the waterline is another great way to highlight almond-shaped eyes. Use a waterline-specific product, such as Sisley’s Phyto-Kol Star Matte Eyeliner (56 dollars).

How to Do Eyeliner On Hooded Eyes:

Tony Avina, a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, says, “When applying eyeliner – especially if you’re going for a winged effect – I recommend a less is more approach.” By starting with a tight line, you can define the inner corners before building up the thickness to the outer edge. Avoid excess thickness as it could transfer to the upper lid.

He also suggests that you explore the trend of puppy liner. He suggests that you follow the natural shape and angle of your eye, rather than winging upwards.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Monolids:

With a monolid you should extend your liner almost to the brow. Don’t forget to give the wing a good flick. Celia Burton, a makeup artist suggests that this will give you the best definition and shape to your eyes. Celia Burton says that the line can be as thick as desired.

How to Do Eyeliner for Large Eyes:

Elbaum suggests that the best style of eyeliner for large eyes is to use a thicker, wing-like line. She suggests that you leave the lower lashline bare, and do a dramatic cat-eye on the upper lashline. She adds, however, that women with large eyes are able to get away with almost any eyeliner style depending on what effect they want.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Small Eyes:

Avoid dark, heavy eye makeup. Opt for softer shades that aren’t so bold or harsh. Elbaum recommends using brown eyeliner to smudge into your lash line. She explains that “[this] can make your lashes appear fuller, and it has an opening effect for smaller eyes.” She also suggests applying the tight line technique to the waterline of the top lash only. This will give your eyes more definition, and the illusion that they are fuller. To open your eyes, use an eyelash curler with mascara.

How To Do Eyeliner On Downturned Eyes:

When applying eyeliner to eyes that are downturned, you want to keep them raised. Burton says that a downturned eye should be drawn upwards and outwards, rather than downwards and up. You’ll want to give the flick a dramatic angle by exaggerating it at the end. Avina recommends starting your application from the outer edge of your bottom lashline, upward toward your eyebrows, and connecting to your top lid.

How To Do Eyeliner On Deep-Set Eyes:

Elbaum advises against using dark eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes, as it can make the eyes appear smaller. She suggests focusing on the outer part of your eye. Burton recommends applying liquid liner to the curve of your eyes at their highest point and dragging it outwards. Stop the liner as soon as your eyelashes stop. “If you make your liner too long, the weight of the liner will drag the eye down. What we want to do is open it and lift it,” she says. Elbaum also suggests experimenting with color. She says that applying the right colors at the right spots can make a big difference to the way your eyes look. The inside corner of the eye will be highlighted by a light shade. Use a splash of color on the outer corners.”

How to Apply Eyeliner to Round Eyes:

If you have round, rounded eyes, the application you use should aim to elongate them in order to balance out their appearance. If you have round eyes, your application should be about elongating the eyes to balance their appearance. Avina recommends applying dark eyeliner to the waterline, and upper and lower lash lines, and then smudging the lines. This will give your eyes a more rounded appearance.

How to Apply Eyeliner on Asymmetrical Eyes –

Asymmetry is a common phenomenon. Some of us have more prominent asymmetry than others. Eyeliner can be a useful tool if you want to try and make your eyes look more alike in size and shape. Apply a thicker liner on the outer part of the smaller eye. This will give the appearance of a wider eye.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Close-Set Eyes in

Burton says that the goal for people with this shape of eye is to create an illusion of more space between the eyes. Avina suggests keeping the inner eyeliner nude and light to achieve a fresh look with open eyes. He says that a classic wing would be perfect for these women. Start your eyeliner from the middle, not the inner corners of your lids. Then, bring it out to the desired shape.

To create more space, keep your inner eyelid clean if you have a closed-set eye. Burton advises applying a thin line starting in the middle, moving outwards, and keeping it close to the eyelashes. Give it a flick but not too dramatic. Try Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (24 dollars) for length and drama.

How To Do Eyeliner On Wide-Set Eyes:

Burton suggests that a wide-set eye requires the same approach as a large-eye shape. You can reduce the amount of space in your eye by using a darker color in the lashline and waterline. Start at the tear duct and drag the eyeliner outwards, lifting the edge with a flick. You can also do the same under the eye. Line it up close to the lashline and then smudge with a cotton bud before it dries. You are the only one who can do what you can. So apply it enthusiastically and have fun!”

Eyeliner tips for all eye shapes:

The options are limitless. Try the connect-the-dots method or smudging out the liner for a smokey look if your skills with an eyeliner or eye pencil could be improved. Dot the eyeliner as close as you can to the lash line, then blend them together into one stroke. This technique will give you a straight line, no matter what shape your eyes are.

Avina swears that GXVE’s 24-Hour Gel Eyeliner ($20), which is a long-lasting formula, does not budge, or smudge in the under-eye creases. Use a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip to create cat eyes. Sisley’s So Intense Eyeliner is a good example.

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