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The Timeless Handbag Legacy of Princess Diana

We would have to say that Princess Diana was our favourite style icon. She was not afraid to break the rules when it came traditional royal standards. This earned her fans around the world and the unofficial title “people’s Princess.” She was a mother and a charity worker, but she took time to develop a unique sense of style. From collaborations with ’90s fashion designers to relaxed vacation looks, to her collection of handbags that complemented every outfit, Diana had cultivated an unmistakable personal style. Diana’s timeless bags ranged from leather totes and satin clutches to beautiful leather totes. Her favorite styles are so well-known that you can easily recreate them today. Scroll down to see Princess Diana’s favorite handbag styles. You will find both the exact options and budget-friendly alternatives.

Lady Dior

image 2032

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Diana’s love of the Lady Dior handbag is a fascinating bit of fashion history. The style was originally called the Chouchou, but the brand named it after the princess because she wore it often. It’s safe to say that this was her most used handbag. The Lady Dior bag is available in a variety of colors, sizes and variations. While it may be a bit expensive, we believe it’s worth the investment. There are several other styles that have similar features and silhouettes, but at a lower price.

Lana marks Princess Diana

image 2034

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This purse, named appropriately the Diana Bag by Lana Marks, was another style that Princess Diana loved carrying around. Diana is said to have asked the designer for a bag that was made specifically for her. It’s still one of the most popular bags the brand sells today. This is the most expensive bag in this list. We’ve included links to both the exact design and a few similar options.

Prada Tote Bag

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Diana wore this Prada bag everywhere she went. She loved the convenience of the large tote, and favored it over smaller top-handle bags. It’s a timeless classic, from the shape to the champagne color. Prada may no longer have this particular purse, but we’ve linked some styles we think Princess Di, and others, would love to wear in the modern era.

Satin Clutches

image 2029

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Princess Diana, who was always in the limelight and on tabloids and magazines, began carrying satin clutches. She called them cleavage bag to prevent paparazzi taking compromising pictures. She carried them often in front of her chest to block cameras. This was not only a smart, multifunctional decision, but her clutches were also stunning. We’ve chosen a few clutches below that are almost identical to those she would wear.

Tod’s Di Bag

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Diana carried the Tod’s Bag on repeat. This leather tote, named after Diana, was a mainstay in her wardrobe and is still produced today. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This timeless bag is a lovely tribute to the princess who passed away. Below, we’ve also linked to a few neutral-toned bags.

Ferragamo Diana Clutch

image 2033

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Ferragamo Diana Clutch will prove to you how influential Princess Diana truly was. This leather clutch is one of our favorite designer bags. We have never heard anyone else be named after so many bags. Diana owned the bag in many colors. It was designed in 1990 for her. Most black leather styles will work, as long as they have chic gold chain straps. This is a timeless and trendy design.

Gucci Diana Bag

image 2030

Instagram / @diana.princess.wales

Princess Diana loved Gucci and especially this particular bag with bamboo handles pictured above. The original release of the bag was in 1990. While the brand discontinued the bag, they did bring it back as a modernized version, called the Diana Bag. This purse will become a collectible with all the options available. It transforms bamboo handles into a staple for everyday use.

Versace Medusa

image 2034

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This beautiful Versace bag was a favorite of Princess Di. It’s not surprising that Princess Di, who was close to Gianni Versace prior to her untimely demise, wore this beautiful design in support of him. The Medusa bag is a great upgrade. We love the gold hardware. There are plenty of options for those who love the black and gold look, just like Princess Diana.

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