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Celebrities in Vintage Style

There are fashion statements from the past years that never died in vain. From the 1920s to the 1980s, these years truly brought a lot of fashion pieces that look trendy and timeless. We are pretty sure that whenever you stop by thrift shops, you get immediately fascinated with vintage pieces. Guess what? You are not alone in this! In fact, a lot of well-known celebrities flaunt the streets and red carpets with beautiful vintage pieces. Continue reading

Fall Ideas to Steal from the Stars

Fall is the most-awaited season for fashion lovers and enthusiasts. It is definitely the best season to dress up and experiment with your layers and fashion pieces! If you are still not sure what else to add in your fall wardrobe, then you are definitely reading the right article. We have compiled some of the clothing hits from these gorgeous and fashionable celebrities for you to take inspiration from. Are you ready? Continue reading

A Look at Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s Fashion Spins

Carla Bruni is one of the highest-paid and most in-demand fashion models of all time, also known as the former French president’s wife, Nicolas Sarkozy. She’s been considered as one of the most powerful and influential women of this time. From her charitable work, to her lifestyle and fashion – she’s getting all eyes on her! Continue reading

Cate Blanchett: Enviable Actress

How come actresses never age? Cate Blanchett is surely a great example with the previous trait. She looks stunning and we know it. It is not that she looks artificial, she simply knows how to emphasize her features in a natural way, and that is probably how she ages so gracefully. Continue reading

Kate Moss:The Forever Reigning Queen of Fashion

Kate Moss was born in London on January 16, 1974. She came from a very ordinary family. Her father was a travel agent while her mother was a barmaid. She did her schooling from Ridgeway Primary School and college at Riddlesdown Collegiate. Her parents got divorced when she was just thirteen years old. At the age of 14, Kate was discovered by Sarah Doukas at JFK Airport. Sarah was the founder of Storm Model Management and also the pioneer of waif look. She created quite a stir in the modeling industry because of her boyish body that was incredibly thin as against curvy supermodels. Kate was soon widely known as waif look. The waif look was basically a “wide-eyed” look. Other than that she also made the concept of “delicate” beauty very popular. Continue reading

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