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Liv Tyler: A Definition of Beauty and Elegance

There’s more to Liv Tyler than just being the daughter of the renowned Aerosmith front man, Steve Tyler and the classical elf-girl of all time, Arwen. She’s a versatile actress, goodwill ambassador, brand designer and a fashion icon. Undeniably, a complete package!

Being a celebrity, Liv constantly takes care of her skin and copes up with the fashion trends. She admitted that she is not the only fashion guru in her family, but also her fiancé, Dave Gardner. They both have a great fashion sense and would usually borrow each other’s clothes from time to time. She may be a stylish celebrity, but she also has her ultimate fashion icons: Lucie de la Falaise and Kate Moss. She revealed that these two fashion idols have greatly influenced her style over the years. Here are some of the best fashion moments of Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler Modelling Time

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Long before the current generation flock the world with crop tees and high-waist bottoms, Liv Tyler has already rocked this style during the 90’s. Being a model at a young age, Liv knows how carry herself in front of the camera. The way she strikes a pose, makes the whole look more appealing. Crop tees are great for petite women. Check out other great styles for your petite body, Dress to Impress :Petite Body Type.

Liv Tyler Red Carpet

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Liv was a match made in heaven for her role as Arwen, in the hit film series, The Lord of the Rings. Her delicate features, long locks and pale complexion were completely dreamlike, making her the most beautiful elf of the Middle-Earth. And apparently, Liv did not just dazzle the magical world, but also the red carpet. Like this bright Givenchy Couture gown which is totally a head turner. The yellow feathered hem of the dress made it more dramatic. All in all, Liv was a standout in this fashion event.

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Liv was a definition of beauty and elegance with this aqua chiffon dress. She stunned the runway because the color of her dress totally highlighted her unblemished complexion. And with her evening makeup and low ponytail, this became one of her best fashion styles in the red carpet ever.

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Talking about style and elegance, Liv perfectly slayed this stunning Stella McCartney’s dress. Her dazzling gown features a plunging neckline and a conservative slit. As the gown already showcased her flawless skin, she opted for a vintage makeup and hairstyle for a more regal look. She then paired it with diamond earrings and bracelet to complete her elegant appearance.

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You could never go wrong with mono colors. Her white ensemble is totally a standout because of its eccentric, yet formal look. The simple dress became more chic when she paired it with a reserved blazer. She also picked the right sandals and accessories with her black heels and gold-plated bracelet. And her fringe bangs really flattered her face and suited well with her dramatic white style. Now, she looked effortlessly simple and stylish.

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Who says baby bump could mess up your style? Pregnancy will still be fashionable if you know how to choose the right style. Look at how this off-the-shoulder dress perfectly hugged Liv’s curves from all angles. The blue monochrome makes her complexion flawless as usual. And she topped it with her dangling silver earrings. Chase this style straight from the expert. Accentuate your curves in the most flattering way.

Liv Tyler Street Style


Now, look at those toned legs! Liv certainly pulled off this simple dress with her high heel sandals. The black heels just highlighted her legs in a way very attractive. She also got the right glasses for her wavy locks. And don’t forget her ultimate fashion confidante: blazers. With her overall appearance, we could say that dark colors perfectly suit her fair complexion. Choosing the right sandals for your look would really make a difference. Don’t just wear it because of style, but also of comfort.

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Liv never fail to bring with her that charming aura and contagious smile. She has perfected the celebrity makeup through this look. The vivid colors of her cocktail dress is way too adorable! Since her dress is already full of colors, she opted for an indistinct color for her belt. But still, the black belt did its magic in embracing her curve. And of course, the strappy heels completely fit her slender legs and her entire get-up. This girl just knows how to glam up herself.

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Fashion is subjective. It’s not all about being sexy and skinny. It’s being yourself and staying comfortable with your own style. And sometimes, you don’t need to show too much skin just to be considered stylish. Like this flattering look, Liv just proved that LESS is actually MORE. For her upper, she chose an over-sized blue tube and scalloped coat. Then, she toughened up her look with an unconventional slacks. Her black stiletto and gray clutch were also a great mix for her sophisticated style.

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Leggings could either be fashionable or disastrous. Liv is one of the few people that could actually give justice to a simple black leggings. She completed her all black ensemble with a gray blazer and fresh make-up. Simply, unique and chic. Perfect your everyday makeup routine with this guide:

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Liv just made strolling in the park a cool fashion runway, with her white tee, cardigan, flare jeans and chucks. Her look is ultimately an ideal stylish street wear. The printed bag is just the perfect catch for her get-up. And not to mention, she also dressed up her kid in the same fashion.

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