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The Great Gatsby Fashion: You Say Olivia Palermo, We Say Daisy Buchanan

So you want to be a flapper girl this time? To start with, we want to suggest that this style inspiration isn’t referring to Halloween anymore, as the 20s Great Gatsby style is widely incorporated in today’s fashion. It all started when a few years ago, designers started to make thin strap straight dresses, interesting diamond headbands and they even added a 20s inspired intricate embroidery touch to their designs. This is widely attributed to the popularity of The Great Gatsby movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But, it wasn’t he who was in the spotlight, speaking fashion wise. It was the flapper girl – Daisy Buchanan, the It girl of the 20s fashion.

Hairstyle & hair accessories features

Classic Mane

One of the most famous hairstyles of the Great Gatsby period was the classic main look which is still very popular among the themed parties and functions. In the movie, The Great Gatsby, Carey Mulligan’s character is seen to wear the mane in style, and we just cannot take our eyes off her.

Finger waves

Another popular style used to be the finger wave hairstyle. Let it be the simple finger wave or finger wave with a side chignon, it is all worth falling for. It is one of the greatly used Hollywood formula to represent the 1920s and does give us a great perspective of the time. It is a foolproof style representing the Great Gatsby era. If you want to look like you are coming straight of a Gatsby’s party, make sure you incorporate them in your dress or accessories. Paired with strategic geometry work, the dresses can be a beautiful Art Deco piece of art resembling the Chrysler building.


It used to be usual to work the magic by adding a few accessories to the hair when it comes to the Great Gatsby fashion. A birdcage is a common accessory which helps to enhance the chic look and helps to accent the locks that anyone who is wearing it.

Tucked curls with headpiece

Combining a very popular style with an accessory has been very successful during the Great Gatsby period. And a hairstyle that goes well without saying is the tucked curls which have been popularized by many mainstream Hollywood A-list ladies over the years. And sometimes it is accompanied with a headpiece which just helps them to steal the show.

Makeup features

During the 1920s, heavily influenced by the Great Gatsby fashion, the features that needed most attention while applying makeup were the lips. eyes and eyebrows. The cupid’s bow mouth was popularized during this time by Clara Bow. It requires you to apply foundation on your lips and cover it completely to give the extremely smooth lips. The objective was to make a heart shaped upper lip and a thinner rounded lower lip to give the cupid’s bow mouth. Darker shades being one of the most preferred colors – plums, deep red and browns were the go to colors of lipsticks that were used.

The eye needed to be smoky. Bigger eyelashes were the norm, and it was usual to go with false eyelashes or the application of a couple of coats of mascara on a curled eyelash. The eyebrow games are very strong in the Great Gatsby fashion as it did require some skills and guts to pull off the thinner arches but highly sculpted eyebrows. To attain the look, it is required to darken the eyebrow and turn it downwards slightly using a shade that is a little bit darker than your eyebrow’s natural color. Greta Garbo, the Swedish actress, used to be the one who used to sport the style impeccably. Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne are a few who can pull off the style from the current generation.

Clothes features

The idea of clothing in the Great Gatsby fashion is to effortlessly drape the fabric across the body. This is best done if the fabric that is chosen is either chiffon, beautiful silks or even laces work the magic. All the subtle details are what makes dressing up for in the Great Gatsby theme all the more brilliant. Sequined accents, ruffles, bows and beads, all makes a difference when it comes to the Great Gatsby style. How you move is what defines the beauty of this fashion style.

The brilliance of the Great Gatsby fashion is the license it gives you to go all out and accessorize yourself with anything and everything you can find, ranging from gloves, eye-catching necklace and earrings. Everything that makes a statement for you, goes well in this style. Make sure to not forget your headpiece. Let it bring out the best in you. If you find it to be a little too much for you, hair combs and bobby pins are the way to go. Anything that will help you slick back your hair will do.


Accessories are the things that made the 1920s look stand out among the rest. From headpieces to jewelry and hair accessories to purses, the accessories that go well with your clothing are always preferred. Tiaras and exquisitely designed headbands are the accessories that enhanced your hair, while purses and handbags proved to be the add on accessories. The exposed shoulders of the wealthy were kept warm by the use of beautiful wraps which were usually made of fox and mink fur. Silk scarves with Asian prints intricately woven into it were also a great choice when it came to wraps.

All in all, it can be easily summed up that the Great Gatsby fashion revolved around exuberant outfits and the accessories that put you out there in a crowd. A blast from the past, the fashion style of the 1920s are still regarded to be one of the benchmarks of the classics fashion styles even in the present and would never cease to be a classic for years to come.

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