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Flaunting Floral Dresses in Kate Bosworth Fashion

When you start searching the web for Kate Bosworth’s style, may it be red carpet or street wear, we are pretty sure that you would come across at least five 5 style snaps of Kate wearing gorgeous floral prints. With Kate Bosworth’s lean, model-like physique and irresistible beauty, it does not really come as a surprise that she perfectly flaunts any kind of prints and fabric on her. Continue reading

2016 Milan Fashion Week

As one of most talked about events of the fashion year, Milan Fashion Week has always delivered when it comes to excellence within the industry. This year was no exception and a slew of fashion houses served up exciting looks that will take the world by storm immediately. There were the usual suspects when it came to names like Versace, Prada, and Ferragamo, but new designers also took center stage to lay claim to a new direction in fashion. Here are some of the most iconic moments from Milan Fashion Week. Continue reading

Lauren Bacall: Hollywood Glamor, Personified

As one of the original screen sirens of Old Hollywood, Lauren Bacall was not only a star of the silver screen, but also within the fashion industry as well. Her prolific and singular style, which was emulated by women the world over, became a signature look for its effortless appeal, understated glamor, and timeless quality.

Continue reading

French Girl Fashion Inspired by Sophie Marceau

There is something about French girls that truly enamors a lot of people, specifically when it comes to their elegant appearance and exceptional taste in fashion. One of these captivating and fashion-forward French girls is French actress Sophie Marceau. You’ll probably remember her face as she is one of the hottest Bond Girls ever! She appeared alongside Pierce Brosnan in 1999 film James Bond: The World Is Not Enough. In addition, Sophie Marceau is also a successful director, screenwriter and author. Continue reading

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