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How To Dress Like French Woman

Since I became interested in fashion decades ago, I’ve always been inspired by French women. French women have always had a knack for putting together a stylish look. This is true even if we go back to Marie Antoinette’s era. Corsets and wigs are no longer worn, but slouchy sweaters with just enough undone hair have replaced them. I think that the country which has produced some of the world’s most iconic brands can provide a lot of inspiration.

Sezane is one of my favorite brands. Today I will show you how to achieve this effortless look with Sezane pieces.

What is French Style?

It is possible to achieve a French-style look. It’s effortless, cool, but not arrogant. French style is about striking the perfect balance between being dressed up but also relaxed at the same. (We say “chic decontracte” in French). It is not about wearing bright colors, bold shades or expensive items. French style is about selecting high-quality fabrics, timeless items, and versatile pieces that go well together. The French style is all about how clothing is mixed and the small details that make a difference.

French Style vs Parisian Style

Parisians are known for their effortless style. They never appear to be trying too hard or like they have spent hours getting ready. Parisian fashion is more relaxed than French style, but also more sophisticated. Parisian style is easy to copy, but making a fashion-statement while being minimalist takes a certain style-savvy; it’s like an art.

1) Investing in Basics

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I believe that a good tee shirt is one of your most important wardrobe essentials. A good tee can be the starting point for many French-inspired looks. It could be a basic white tee that has a hint or sheerness to it, a henley ribbed shirt, a graphic tee, or a stripe. Do not forget to have a white button-down shirt on hand. You’ll want to choose a pair that will make you feel good. Find what makes you feel good, whether it’s a straight-leg fitted pair, a pair of skinny black jeans, something vintage inspired or cropped.

2) Outerwear is Key

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France has four distinct seasons, and your wardrobe should reflect that. (Even if you are in a hot climate, a stylish jacket is still a must-have in an air-conditioned office). A jacket can make or break an outfit. It could be a sweater-inspired jacket, something from Yellowstone, something padded that you wear over your workout clothes, a hooded jacket for a rainy day, colorful florals, or something with a more subtle pattern. A camel coat is a classic for those who need a jacket when going outside. You will want to keep a trench handy for when the weather starts to warm up (I also love this one). The perfect in-between, shackets can be worn underneath your wool coat to add extra warmth.

3) Practical Footwear and a Good Bag

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You will notice that most women in Paris wear comfortable shoes and carry practical bags. Flats and low heels, while they are fun to look at from time to time, are more practical and can also make an outfit look super chic. Sneakers don’t have to be boring. This pair of gold sneakers is fun and will literally make any outfit sparkle. A classic two-tone loafer will finish any outfit. These suede sneakers are another great option for slip-on shoes. Black booties are my favorite winter shoe and I’ve been wearing them for many years. These shoes are versatile and can be worn with anything, from jeans to dresses. I was also surprised at how many times I reached for my combat boot when getting dressed. These boots add that extra touch of je ne sais quoi, which is what we’re going for. I just saw these booties and need them.

I love the style of the cross-body bucket bag. (I also love the mini version). This bag in Smooth Honey would be perfect for an everyday tote. French girls love adding a splash of color to their bags.

4) Knitwear

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A jumper is something you’ll see a lot of people wearing or draped on their shoulders. This striped cardigan with its bold buttons is my go-to piece. This black and ecru crotchet cardigan is a great option for something more sophisticated. This style looks equally adorable in a full ecru version. Even with a sweater, it’s fun to do something unexpected. Let’s take loungewear to the next level, shall we? The knit skirt is a great way to add a little sparkle and comfort to an outfit.

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