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Being petite has its own advantages and disadvantages. While most supermodels are super tall and skinny, Hollywood is also filled with a lot of gorgeous petite celebrities that greatly influence today’s fashion. It is about time to shun the perception that only tall girls can look extremely good in clothes. There’s not a single truth in that! Petite girls can totally rock their most glamorous selves as well if they go by the fashion bible of dressing suitably for their body types. Some clothes might look unflattering for petite women so it is quite important to keep in mind the Do’s and Don’ts of dressing up. Let us help you with that and go through a few style tips on how to dress up if you are considered petite.

Do’s #1: Opt for short shorts

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Do’s #2: Pair up long bottoms with Cropped Tops

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Cropped tops are very trendy these days and in addition to that, it is also a great fashion piece to heighten your upper body. Cropped tops draw more attention to the upper body so it is much recommended that you pair it up with straight-cut and high-waist bottoms.

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Do’s #3: Embrace Mini Dresses

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If you are a petite girl, mini dresses should be the type of fashion piece that conquers your wardrobe. It serves the same purpose of the first two tips mentioned in this article. It gives the illusion of an additional height as it effectively elongates the legs and the body in general. Another style tip that perfectly suits mini dresses is by matching it up with a nice pair of statement heels. This will add depth to your entire look without looking too overwhelming.

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Now that we’re done with the Do’s of properly dressing up if you have a petite body, it is only proper for us to tackle the Don’ts as well. Having a petite body type makes you prone to many fashion mishaps as well. In order to prevent these unflattering fashion moments to occur, here are some of the Don’ts about dressing up for a petite body.

Don’ts #1: Stay away from too much fabric and drapes

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Dramatic drapes and too much fabric will definitely look unflattering if you have a petite body. These types of apparels will make you drown in fabric and lose your body shape’s definition.

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Don’ts #2: Don’t wear baggy clothes

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Baggy clothes will add weight on the whole body. Baggy clothes are usually worn to add depth, but if you have a petite body type, these fashion pieces may look overwhelming on you. Instead of highlighting your natural shape and size, baggy clothes will only serve as a huge cover up for you – we don’t want that!

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Don’ts #3: Avoid Maxi Dresses as much as possible

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There are several occasions when wearing maxi dresses could work for petite body types, specifically if the right choice of fabric and cut is considered. But despite this, maxi dresses are quite a no-no for petite girls. Generally speaking, maxi dresses are meant to be dramatically long to enhance height. If you are petite, maxi dresses might be too long and uncomfortable for you.

More Celebrity Looks

Lucy Liu & Eva Longoria

Source: Picssr

Lucy Liu and Eva Longoria are both very popular actresses that perfectly describe the petite body shape. Lucy Liu stands 5’3” in height while Eva Longoria stands 5’2”. Lucy Liu flaunts a plain white halter top midi dress paired with nude high heels. Nude high heel shoes give the illusion of longer legs.

Source: Zimbio

On the other hand, Eva Longoria sports her nude ruffled mini dress that exposes her beautiful legs. This attire is the epitome of sporting a mini dress to heighten up your figure.

Nicole Richie & Salma Hayek

Source: Nicole Richie Fashion Style

Nicole Richie stands 5’1 in but she sure looked taller with her all black ensemble and high heel pumps. Her dazzling cropped top drew more attention to her upper body which perfectly complemented her shape.

Source: StyleBistro

On the other photo, Salma Hayek looked ravishing in her tube long gown. Although the gown is long, it didn’t make her look shorter since she balanced it by sporting a revealing upper top.

Rooney Mara & Kourtney Kardashian

Source: RH Photos

Rooney Mara looked stunning in her simple V-neck silk dress. Rooney only stands 5’3” in height and in this particular ensemble, she perfectly embraced her petite body by flaunting a v-neck plunging neckline to enhance her upper physique.

Source: RH Photos

On the other hand, Kourtney Kardashian is only 5’0” tall. Despite being petite, she wowed everyone with her hot pink cape dress and laced-up pumps. The cut of the dress didn’t overwhelm her body size as she opted for a neat, tailored piece.

Now, you should not fear from glamming up even if you have a petite body shape. Embrace it and flaunt it! Just follow these simple tips and stun everyone like an A-lister!

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