8 Gorgeous Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair this 2024

In our previous blog post, we talked about the 8 Trendy Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair, today, we are going to show some love with our gorgeous long tresses with this list of trendy hairstyles that you can go try out this season. In fact, having long locks gives you endless possibilities in styling your hair! Do not settle for just trying your hair up in a bun or going for sleek straight hair all the time because we have gathered all these beautiful celebrities for you to get inspired from. If you have beautiful long locks and have always wondered what kinds of hairstyles would look good on you, here’s an article for you to read.

#1 Voluminous Feathery Waves

Source: Marie Claire


This glorious effortless bed head hairstyle rocks with soft, feathered-out bouncy waves. This is an easy yet fashionable hairstyle if you have long tresses. In addition, this can be worn on any occasion; may it be a casual walk in the park or a fancy evening dinner. This hairstyle is quite easy to achieve. After washing your hair and toweling it dry, take your blow dryer and round brush in hand. As you blow dry your hair, brush your hair using outward strokes to lightly feather your hair out. Try to build up volume on the roots and wave out the ends. Finish up with a good volumizing hairspray.

#2 Side-part Huge Curls

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Source: pinterest

Amal Clooney definitely looks gorgeous in her husband’s arms and with her huge, chunky curls that flow down softly on one side. This hairstyle builds up volume, so if you would like to add up depth to your hair and make your face appear smaller, here’s a nice hairstyle to try. Just scrounge a liberal amount of volumuzing mousse into your hair prior to curling to make it look puffier. Gather your hair on one side, to make a sexy side-partition. Take a 1.5” or 1” barrel size curling iron and start curling your hair at about 5 to 6 inches down from the roots. Set with hairspray.

#3 Sleek Pinned-back Hairstyle

Source: Marie Claire

Source: pinterest

Our ever-trusted bobby pins are always a great tool for beautifying our locks. Now here’s an easy yet edgy hairstyle that a couple of bobby pins can definitely pull off. Emma Watson looked elegant as ever with very minimal hairstyling for her straight rose brown locks! If you have wavy hair, this can still work. You only need to straighten up your hair with a straightening iron and brush it neatly all the way to the back. Tuck your hair behind your ear and grab those bobby pins to secure it neatly. Set with loads of hairspray to keep the hair sleek and in place the whole day.

#4 Jet-black Beach Waves

Source: Best Hairstyle and Haircut Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Megan Fox’s timeless beauty comes with her great sense of fashion and chic hairstyling. Megan Fox took her version of the classic beach waves in her lustrous jet-black hair in the red carpet which made us realize that it’s definitely a hairstyle that everyone can successfully pull off! You only need to take your straightening iron or 2” size barrel curling iron to create these soft beach waves. Start curling on your hair, beginning on the eye level all the way down to the ends. Softly brush your hair with your fingers to soften up the curls; transforming them to soft beach waves. Load your hair up with volumizing mousse to create volume.

#5 Half-up Hairstyle with Floppy Bangs

Source: The Huffington Post

Source: penteado

Who is not in love with Kate Middleton’s ever dainty hairstyles? In this particular look, Kate added more definition to her beautiful hair by pinning up half of her hair to neatly expose her ears and face. What made the look more dimensional are her floppy bangs! To achieve those voluminous floppy bangs, you only need to blow dry your hair inwards using a round brush, or take your straightening iron and gently curl it inwards.

#6 Dainty French Side Braid

Source: Marie Claire

Source: Hairstyles Weekly

Kate Bosworth looks stunning in her half French braid tucked on one ear for her alluring blonde locks. To add definition to her hair, she also curled the ends softly with either 1.5” or 1.25” size barrel curling iron. To read more about this season’s most trending braided hairstyle, read our blog post about Braided Hairstyle to Try this Season.

#7 Sexy Multilayered Locks

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Source: Hairstyle Stars

Layered hair is definitely a hairstyle that would look fascinating if you want added definition to your thick locks. If you think thick hair can be a real struggle to style, you may want to consider having your hair layered to slightly thin it out. Joan Smalls need not to do some extreme heat styling with her sexy multilayered locks.

#8 Hollywood Glam Ombre Hairstyle


Source: pinterest

Reese Witherspoon looks like an actress straight from the 60s with her Hollywood glam ombre curls. Doing this hairstyle is quite actually easier than it looks! You only need to part your hair onto one side and tuck the smaller section behind the ear. On the other side, curl the fringe it outwards to create volume and set it with a hairspray. As for the ends, curl them with a 1.25” barrel curling iron to create medium curls.

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