Elderly Married Couple Wears Matching Outfits 36 years

Who says oldies can’t rock the fashion world with their unique styles? This adorable Instagram couple just proved that you can still look good even with your grey hair! Today we are talking about an elderly Japanese couple, Tomi and her husband Papa, who wear matching outfits for 36 years. Here are some of the charming couple outfits, which are very ideal for your Valentine’s Day OOTD. It is never too old to be stylish!

Twinning at its Best!

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The easiest way to tell the whole world that you are committed is to wear a couple outfit. You can wear your favorite tees or statement tops. And if you want a definite twinning inspiration, grab your plaid shirts, just like how this lovely couple pulled off their blue-and-plaid motif. We can’t get enough of their ultimate twinning fashion sense, from head to toe— same hair color, same glasses, same top and same watch!

Comfy Outfit for a Casual Date

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If you’re out for a casual date, you can wear your comfy outfits. For boys, you can wear your button-down shirt and for girls, pair your top with a cozy cardigan. To complete your casual look, add some charming accessories like scarf, glasses and sling bag.

Button-down Combination

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Button-downs will never run out of style. You can wear this outfit during your dinner gatherings or your movie dates. If you’re worrying about what to wear this Valentine’s day, then try this overly-basic yet always-sophisticated style. The outfit itself is ideal for minimalist individuals, but of course, you can still glam up this look by adding some of your fascinating accessories.

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It seems that this couple loves button-down fashion as much as we do. Button-downs are perfect for any special occasion. And since Valentine’s day is fast-approaching, you can donn this simple yet stylish fashion ensemble on your date. Boys can have the monochrome or plain style, and girls can have the fancy designs like plaid, stripes or asymmetrical. Such outfits will surely be a stanout even iwith the limited color combination. Well, fashion is not about what you wear, but how you wear you clothes!

Layers, layer, layers!

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Layering is another hit fashion style that is very significant during winter. Start off with a thin inner— a comfy shirt or tee would do, then pair it with a cardigan or blazer. This will help you achieve the right amount of comfort and heat to battle out the cold breeze. For your bottoms, you can wear a pants or a skirt, and don’t forget to complete your OOTD with some reliable footwear like sandals or boots. To ultimately feel the Valentine’s day aura, wear something red and polish a striking makeup— sultry eyes and red lips!

Inner Twinning Ensemble

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You don’t have to completely wear the same clothes style or design. You can opt for an inner twinning ensemble, and still look dashing! This couple seriously knows how to pull off a killer style with their fashion choices. The two chose a striking clothing— plaid style, and combined them with a blazer and a cardigan. Their fashion ensemble are way appropriate for their age, making them look more adorable.

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Another inner twinning ensemble of this charming and stylish couple. This time, they chose a black plaid style as their fashion masterpiece. Based on their outfit choices, it appears that these individuals are in love with minimalist styling. They would opt for only 2 or 3 color combination and limit their fashion accessories. And for this look, we love how the lady layered her shirt with a sweater,

Accessories can help you achieve an effortless style, and honestly these ornaments don’t have to very expensive. There are a lot of cheap accessories that will still glam up your look in the most unconventional way. You just have to own the right pieces, and always remember that timeless pieces are more important than trendy ornaments. So, stack up your wardrobe with fashion pieces that you can still use after a decade or two.

Stylish Street Style

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A comfy street style, perfect for a casual Valentine’s day date. You and your partner could still look good even with your tee and pants/ skirt. Such attire can truly create a big slash on your age. Take inspiration from these two! They began with their twinning tops— from their shirts to their blazers. Then, the lady paired her upper style with a denim skirt and flat shoes. Her bright red handbag was just the ideal choice to harmonize the color wheel. Red definitely outshines the blue monochrome. And for the man, he chose a beige khaki pants that well blended with the conventional color coding.

This 2017, there will be a dramatic exposure of different bag sizes and designs. Pinch bags, overly-tiny clutches and eccentric bag handles were some of the bag trends that conquered the spring 2017 runways, and will continue to slay the fashion world this year. To keep you updated with the bag mania, check out the The Best Bag Trends for Spring 2017.

Charming OOTD

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Such a cute dress! Valentine’s day is not just about redand its associates. You can wear any color that you like. Yes, there’s not limit when it comes to fashion, so as during this special event. If you love black, then go for it. You can copy the fashion of this aged yet very stylish couple as they beautifully pull off an ideal black ensemble for Valentine’s. For girls, you can wear you favorite LBD, and guys can weir their typical shirt and pants combo. Just don’t forget to add your cardigan or sweater for a more sophisticated look.

Make your Valentine’s day more memorable and romantic with these charming couple outfits. And if you’re still looking for the best gift for your man, don’t worry! We’ve listed down some The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas You Can Give To Your Partner. And after a long and tiring date, the best way to end the night is to watch some romantic movies together— Titanic, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Gone With the Wind, 10 Things I Hate About You, When Harry Met Sally, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and many more.

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