Jessica Alba:Dress Up like Hollywood’s Fittest and Sexiest Momma

It is undeniable that when it comes to the list of hottest celebrity moms in Hollywood, Jessica Alba would surely top the list! Whether she walks the red carpet in her black bodycon dress or she gets snapped by the paparazzi in her weekend beach getaway swimwear, Jessica Alba is the ultimate definition of #bodygoals.

Known for her role as Sue Storm in Marvel’s Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood’s most precious gems. Her mixed race genes can be one of the many reasons why she has this immensely gorgeous exotic beauty. Well, she’s American because she was born in Pomona, California; but Jessica is from parents of Danish, Welsh, German, English, French, and Mexican descent – no wonder why this complex mix of genes embraces Jessica’s exotic beauty! She’s also known for her natural tanned skin. No need for long hours of sun bathing because Jessica is one of those lucky girls who wakes up every single morning with sunkissed complexion. Talk about luck! To top all of these off (as if these qualities aren’t enough), Jessica still rocks her perfect, sexy body despite giving birth to two beautiful children, Honor and Haven!

Truth is, you can also flaunt the sexy momma in you – Just like Jessica Alba! Take these gorgeous clothing inspirations that you can steal from the fittest and sexiest mom in Hollywood.


Effortlessly Hip: Jessica sports her comfy go-to wear with her favorite pair of jeans matched with plain flats. The perfect pair of jeans can truly bring the best out of any outfit! Some wise choices would be Boyfriend jeans, Ripped jeans and Skinny jeans.

Since Boyfriend jeans bring out Jessica’s boyish side, she perfectly reciprocated its tomboy vibe with her sexy see-through top. Her sexy body shape peeks through her top without overdoing it, thanks to her stylish blazer and flat shoes!

A loose plain shirt and a pair of ripped jeans would perfectly define casual. To draw the entire outfit in a much paparazzi-worthy manner, Jessica accessorized her casual outfit with a huge, printed scarf.

White shirts can either make or break your outfit! To keep things picture-perfect and still matchy with her TOMS, she layered her white shirt with an elegant long cardigan.


Smart and Chic: Who says your office can’t be your own runway? Step up your corporate wear and take note of these one-piece dresses that Jessica wore. Believe us, these dresses can definitely blow your boss away!

The one-piece dress doesn’t show too much skin, but what made it so sexy? Key ingredients: V-Neck for bust enhancement and Slim Belt for waist definition.

The cut of this dress can be considered traditional and common. To make it stand out, Jessica chose to flaunt this one-piece with a vibrant, energetic red orange color.

Her slight bouffant updo is very fitting to her cream white sleeveless dress. It gives a classic and elegant aura altogether. The dress’ design and the updo were meant to be simple in order to draw more attention to Jessica’s beautiful face.

Apart from Jessica’s stunning one-piece dresses, she also wears matching pairs that jives perfectly in vogue! One of her favorite pair-ups is her fit tops with high-waist bottoms. Jessica has a really fit and slim physique which makes her waist quite an asset. With high-waist bottoms, it gives more emphasis to her flat abdomen and her sexy waist!

If plain tops are too boring, matching it up with colorful, printed pants would instantly make you a headturner! Jessica sported a very comfy and plain black top with a patterned pair of pants and sleek pumps for that extra oomph.


  • Ravishing Maxi Dresses

It is true that maxi dresses can be a little tricky to wear. Height can be one considerable factor that one should take when it comes to choosing the best maxi dress. Jessica Alba stands 169cm tall which can be considered average in the US and tall in Southeast Asia. Maxi dresses flow beautifully on Jessica’s long and slim physique. What makes her maxi dresses look extraordinary? Here are some tips.

Despite the fact that it’s not too revealing (long sleeves, long metallic skirt), the overall attire is absolutely sexy. The key point to this coordinate is Jessica’s sequined metallic skirt. It draws a lot of attention but without overpowering the simply elegant long-sleeved top.

Florals and Laces are two major components of dresses that come out straight from a fairytale. Jessica’s beautifully embroidered old rose maxi dress gave the spotlight to its carefully-crafted details.

Jessica graced the red carpet once again with a vintage French-inspired black gown that looks perfect on her sexy figure. The gown’s silhouette embraces Jessica’s fit figure and athletic curves which makes her stand out in an instant.

  • Enamoring Mini Dresses

A few yards of fabric can be enormously captivating! That’s how mini dresses work their wonders. Here are our three favorite mini dresses that Jessica Alba wore to rock her fit mommy body!

Jessica’s little black dress reminds us of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, don’t you think? Its style and cut overflow with vintage appeal. The key to this look is her halter top and plunging neckline which she paired with trendy dangling earrings.

A pop of color is an absolute eye candy! Her choice of pastel yellow for her tube dress and A-line skirt is a perfect way to bring out her beautiful tan. The vibrant dress needs no bedazzled embellishments and accessories!

With Jessica’s gorgeous figure, a body-fitting dress is never a mistake. The black dress she wore has a barely noticeable asymmetrical hem that gives definition to her lower body. To match it all up, Jessica went for a classic, pin-up makeup look with her perfect bold red lipstick.

Jessica Alba is truly one of those hot celebrity moms that know the do’s and don’ts in fashion. From her carefree street style to her award-winning gowns, she never fails to wow everyone! Take note of these stunning clothing coordinates and just flaunt it like Jessica Alba! More celebrity looks? Check out The 30 Best Celebrity Street Style Looks of 2016.

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