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10 Affordable Versions of Celebrity-Inspired Winter Outfits

Now that winter is approaching, dressing up in style can truly rip our wallets open! Most of our favorite A-listers wear winter outfits from Gucci or Balenciaga on a daily basis and with that being mentioned in Fall Outfit Ideas to Steal From the Stars. However, if you think there’s no way for you to dress up like your favorite celebrity, think again. We researched some of the best winter outfit ensembles from your favorite celebrities and found some great affordable alternatives to let you steal their style.

#1 Beyonce Knowles-Biker Jacket

Source: donbleek

Beyonce looked like a legit badass with her rocking biker leather jacket by designer Mikhael Kale. Well, she’s Beyonce and that hundred (or thousand!) dollar jacket is something she can definitely buy blindfolded. To steal this look, you need a cool black leather jacket paired with a black top. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans, or if you want to take it from Beyonce, grab yourself a pair of acid wash jeans from Topshop and you are ready to go!

#2 Cate Blanchett-Bomber Jacket

Source: The Democracy Diva

Bomber jackets are the hippest piece you can have this fall/winter season. They are quite versatile and they come in countless designs for you to choose from. As for Cate Blanchett, she totally flaunted that khaki bomber jacket as she pairs it over a chic green jumpsuit. It’s a definite win for a chic street style look!

#3 Fan Bingbing-Crew Neck Long Coat

Source: Fakeshion

Fan Bingbing is truly a fashion icon with all her diverse choice of wardrobe. One of our favorites is when she got spotted in the streets of Paris with this colorful crew neck long coat that makes a stunning winter piece. Pulling this look off won’t be a piece of cake since the coat may look extra dramatic for some (Read: How to rock printed coats). To tone the attention down but still rock that printed long coat like Fan Bingbing does, you can opt for monochromatic colors appliquéd with patterns or floral prints.

#4 Gisele Bundchen-Black Wool-blended Coat

Source: Zing News

Black wool blend coats are a must-have for the winter season. This winter piece is fashionable on its own and it is also very versatile. You can wear with your lazy casual attire, rockstar shirt or your evening dress! As for Gisele Bundchen, she totally nailed the classic black coat by pairing it with a warm turtleneck top and sleek flare trousers.

#5 Hailey Steinfield-Oversized Coat

Source: Cut & Paste

Here’s another take on the classic black wool blend coat. As for Hailey Steinfield, she went a bit over the top with her oversized coat layered over a long sleeve top. Wearing an oversized coat may be a bit risky, but when properly paired with lean jeans and top, it can look very trendy. If you want to add more depth to your look, don’t be afraid to go oversized with your classic coat.

#6 Hedvig Opshaug-Vintage Denim Jumpsuit

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

We just couldn’t help ourselves but swoon over Hedvig’s editotial-worthy winter attires! The fashionista behind the blog The Northern Light wore a vintage denim jumpsuit over a fluffy brown turtleneck top. The fashion coordinate sure looks warm and it’s quite an ensemble to steal!

#7 Jeon Ji Hyun-Trench Coat

Source: fashionn

Trench coats won’t ever let you down during the cold winter season. Well, we don’t need to spend a tital of $1700 for that phenomenal Burberry trench coat just to pull off the top Korean actress’ look! The great thing about the classic trench coat is that they are warm and casual, not to mention very chic too!

#8 Olivia Palermo-Turtleneck Dress

Source: CelebMafia

Yes, turtleneck tops are SO in right now! While turtlenecks gave fashion a thumbs-down a couple of years back, it’s back with a vengeance this year. Celebrities are flaunting their turtleneck tops left and right and we can’t stop obsessing about Olivia Palermo’s version of it. If you want to know how to wear your turtlenecks like a celebrity, check out this slide from Harper’s Bazaar.

#9 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-Long Cardigan

Source: pinterest

Long cardigans are definitely something to love this season. If you have read our post about Transitional Pieces to Wear in Fall, then you may already have some ideas on how to wear them in style. And yes, long cardigans are quite trendy for the winter season too! Take it from Rosie Huntington who kept herself extra warm with jeans, scarf and ankle boots.

#10 Tilda Swinton-Loose Brown Coat

Source: What if No One’s Watching

We all love Tilda Swinton’s gender-bender fashion! For this particular winter wear, Tilda wore a classic loose brown coat tied around the waist into a ribbon. She also paired it with a blue scarf to add warmth to the whole ensemble. Scarves are always a friendly item to keep during the winter so if ever you’re wondering how to perfectly style your scarf, check our post about 12 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Scarf Like a Celebrity.

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