Must-Have Fashionable Pleated Skirts to Shop for Right Now

If there’s one thing we must say about completing your fashion wardrobe, it is that pleated skirts are simply everything! They are exceptionally fashionable, they never go out of style, they come in various selections and most of all, they are extremely comfy to wear. Pleated skirts have enamored women worldwide for years as it is quite a versatile fashion piece to wear in various occasions. It can be your casual go-to skirt or your fancy night out attire.

Whether you wish to make your wardrobe options quite festive for the upcoming series of holiday events or you just want a new skirt that will take you to places, we have this awesome must-have list for you! In this article, we are going to share our precious internet finds to guide you out on the best pleated skirts that you have to shop for before the year ends.

Flashy Metallic Pleated Skirt

image 1109

Source: Pinterest

Alexa Chung never fails to astonish us with her superb wardrobe choices and this time, she definitely blinded everybody with this celestial metallic pleated skirt in flashing silver! Pleated skirts that come in metallic hues are definitely catchy to the eyes. It is a great piece for night events as it reflects gorgeously against light. Just like how Alexa did it, she balanced her flashy skirt with a plain grey sweatshirt for the whole ensemble to blend well. Nothing too dramatic but definitely worth noting!

Source: Pinterest

We found a similarly festive metallic skirt from JAFA in Dark Silver. It features a high-waist zip so it perfectly suits any type of top – whether you choose to let it flow or tuck it in!

image 1107


Pastel Chiffon Pleated Skirt

image 1104

Source: Pinterest

Chiffon skirts always feature this sweet, romantic vibe that embraces femininity at its finest. If you are into something less flashy and demure, here’s a piece from Carolina Herrera’s SS 2016 Collection. It features a waist-hugging fabric while a soft chiffon fabric flows softly in tiny pleats. What’s a more romantic color option but pastel pink!

image 1105

Source: Pinterest

If you need something more versatile and easier to mix and match to, you can always go safe to cream whites just like how Kate Middleton flaunts it. Wear it with a black top or pretty much any color you can think of and we are pretty sure you are still going to manage looking classy.

Source: popsugar

If you think chiffon is just for the sweet and reserved, well, Keira Knightley proves everybody that you can still wear a pastel chiffon pleated skirt and be that sweet girl you want! She braves the streets in a white blouse in matching shade with her yellow chiffon pleated midriff skirt. The skirt features an asymmetrical hem which truly adds to its uniqueness.

Gleaming Gold Pleated Skirt

image 1110

Source: Gucci

You don’t need heavy crystals and laces of gold hanging on your ears and neck to look luxurious! Don’t we all love lustrous gold on our wardrobe? We spotted this designer favorite from Gucci that features gleaming gold the shines gorgeously on this pleated skirt. No frills needed. The model totally rocked her modern day fashionista nerd with a floral print sweat shirt, knitted beanie, oversized glasses and leather box clutch – all blended perfectly with the luxurious gold skirt!

image 1108

Source: popsugar

Let’s not limit our choices to mid-length skirts and go for something sexy and short. Emily Rossum showed everyone that there’s no room for mistakes when mix and matching black and gold. Her black ensemble made the pleated gold mini skirt and the gold necklace really stand out.

image 1109


Classic Pleated Skirts in Monochromatic Hues

image 1111

Source: Huffington Post

Helen Mirren looks sweet and beautiful with her choice of classic fashion pieces in this ensemble. A casual walk in the park truly requires no extras just to look fashionable! With her grey pleated midi skirt, Helen gives a simple and vintage vibe that suits smart casual quite well.

image 1104


Pleated Velvet Skirt

image 1103

Source: Pinterest

Let’s not forget about how huge velvets are this year! If you are currently in search of a cozy velvet skirt for the winter season, then you better check out this classic velvet skirt we found.

image 1104

evangeline clothing

Leather Pleated Skirt

image 1106

Gucci – Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Of course, who would forget earth colors for this one! Gucci wows us once again with this leather midi skirt that embraces a perfect wooden brown color. Leather is a very solid choice when it comes to dressing up for the fall and winter season so this Gucci piece from the F/W 2015 Collection is still worth investing for.

image 1110

Source: InStyle

If black biker jackets are trendy, black leather skirts are iconic! You can never go wrong with a pleated skirt in black leather. Victoria Beckham is looking fabulously elegant in her wardrobe choice as she walks the streets. An ensemble very paparazzi-worthy! If you want something more fitting for the holiday season, why not go for Emerald green? It’s definitely a classy shade to go for this season! Check out Painting the Holiday Season with Green Style

Pleated Skirts with Prints and Unique Cuts

image 1111

Source: Pinterest

Fashion blogger Susanna Lau of Style Bubble showed us how to flaunt a pleated skirt in variation with drastic colors! Don’t we all love this cute and fancy bubblegum ensemble? Colorful pleated skirts may look a bit scary at first, but believe us, it’s your weapon of choice this upcoming holiday season!

image 1102

Source: Pinterest

If you want to go for something more vintage and less drastic, we recommend this striped pleated skirt that Olivia Palermo wore. Would you believe that this is just a piece from Topshop?! Pair it with a classic wool blend coat and knee-high boots and you’re ready to make the streets your fashion runway!

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