The Minimalist’s Skincare Routine for Busy Women

Not every woman has the power to spend hours in front of the mirror. Especially the mature women who have kids and family, find it very fatiguing to put themselves together each morning. But that should not be an excuse to ignore yourself. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working lady, beautifying yourself and taking care of your skin must never be compromised. We have the best solution for you. Follow a MINIMALIST skincare routine.

What is a Minimalist Approach?

Many of you must be thinking what the heck is that??? A minimalist approach is all about simplicity and using things within a limit. A minimalist lifestyle focuses on priorities and necessities. Same rule applies when you are planning to follow a skincare routine within a limit. To sum up, a minimalist skin care routine offers more within less time. Instead of spending a lot of bucks on finding different products and cosmetics, there are a lot of homemade and natural skincare products that give you fruitful results in a lesser price.  That’s why they say, ‘Less is more.’

Advantage of Minimalist Beauty Regimen

  • There are numerous advantages. First of all, following this routine will keep your surroundings organized. And you would not have to spend your whole weekend in managing your stuff and decluttering your beauty drawer.
  • You will get the maximum skincare benefits without spending a lot on those pricey beauty and skincare products available in the markets.
  • When you prefer all-natural and organic products over expensive brands and cosmetics, your skin is at the minimum risk of harmful chemicals.

Your Perfect Minimalist Skincare Routine

Step# 1: Cleansing of the Skin

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Adding a healthy glow to your skin is simply impossible without cleaning your skin of all the impurities. For that, the first step is to wash your face as you wake up. Face must be washed twice in a day. Most importantly, as the day passes, your skin gets more affected by skin-damaging elements like pollution and dirt. So, it is highly recommended to use a good cleanser. It’s okay if it is not too expensive, opt for any sulfate-free cleanser to get a purified and refreshing skin. Besides this, there are a number of minimalist and organic ideas to try;

  • Use simple raw honey to cleanse your skin.
  • Using a microfiber cloth and water cleanses your skin smoothly without stripping the skin of its natural oiliness. It’s considered best for cleaning pores, removing dirt and even for exfoliating.
  • An olive oil cleanser purifies your skin completely. To make this mixture, use one part of castor oil with three parts of olive oil.

Step# 2: Moisturizing the Skin

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As a plant needs water for its survival, our skin also will be dead, dry and flaky without applying any moisturizer. Application of a moisturizer, especially with hyaluronic acid is the most recommended option. My personal recommendation would be Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer. It promises a more replenished skin. Other than a branded moisturizer, you can opt for the more natural moisturizers like coconut oil or hair butter. Such natural products are best to keep the skin’s moisture locked in the pores. The more your skin is moisturized, the lesser wrinkles you will have.

Step# 3: Exfoliation

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Exfoliation is another significant step to be followed two to three times in a week. Exfoliate gently with some light formula exfoliator. An exfoliator with mixed beta-and-alpha hydroxy acid peel works best to remove all the dead skin cells. [Read here: 5 Best Organic Skincare Brands your Skin Would Love.]

Step# 4: Hands and Body Care

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Using castile soap in handwashing keeps your hands moisturized and soft. Once you have washed your hands with it, you would not have to use lotions again and again. How to use it? To use it, put one teaspoon of castile soap in the water and cleanse your hands in the mixture. Using castile oil while having bath (in the form of foam pump) keeps your skin refreshed and fragrant. In winter, putting a few drops of coconut oil in the water saves your body from dryness.

Step# 5: Hair Care

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When we talk of skincare, the skin of our hair cannot be ignored. Using chemical-made products like shampoo, conditioner, hair gels and hair sprays, are not only expensive but using these products is quite time consuming. At the same time, they all tend to deprive the hair skin of all its natural oil. Just like the skin of our body, our scalp also needs moisturizer. To undone the damages of chemical-based products, start using natural shampoo bar. It comes with the ability to wash away dirt and other impurities without any damage and dryness. It will take a couple of weeks and your hair will get adjusted to it.

Step# 6: Treatment of Wrinkles

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Wrinkles is a major issue for all the aging women. If we opt for aging products in the market, you would find them in a great number. But which one to pick is what really matters. To simplify this confusion, opt for frankincense. Application of frankincense is considered best for fighting aging and wrinkles.

Minimalist Beauty Routine

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Using cosmetics that are less damaging to your skin is yet another important step. If you feel confusion in making the right choice of the beauty products, you should opt for all-natural mineral makeup.

Mineral Powder Foundation

A mineral foundation is easy to apply. It smoothly glides on the surface without leaving any smears or smudges. Even if you are facing acne problem or blemishes, applying a small quantity of mineral powder with the help of your finger can give you a flawless skin.

Mineral Powder Blush and Eye Shadow

A minimalist approach in makeup is all about applying less or no makeup at all. To give a defining touch to your cheeks, application of mineral blush right under your cheek bone adds a perfect balance to your look. For eyes, mineral eye shades in some neural shades.

What about Lips?

Instead of painting your lips with red, use some nude shade, gloss or some tinted chap-stick.

Conclusion: Natural and organic products are simple to use. You don’t have to spend most of the time standing in front of a mirror. A minimalist skincare routine is the best with your busy schedule. 

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