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20 Ways to Wear Over-Sized Sweaters Fashionably

Spring season is never completed without oversized knit sweaters. For slim and smart girls, particularly with a petite body, it is not easy to carry big sweaters. Many girls fear wearing them, to avoid the look of an over-sized balloon. Pulling off an oversized sweater fashionably, requires certain techniques. Once you follow them, you can easily get a stylish winter look. Here we have rounded up the best ways to style yourself up in an oversized sweater.


How to Wear Oversized Sweaters?

Check out the best styles to carry your cute oversized sweaters. [Shop more sweaters at StyleWe]

1. With Over-the-Knee Boots

The chicest way to wear it, is to use it as a dress. If its big enough to cover your thighs, simply getting it paired with long or over-the-knee-boots is a flattering idea. It not only looks cute but you would also feel comfy in it. 

2. With a Bodycon Dress

If you think your big sweater is not long enough to carry as a dress, get it paired over a bodycon dress. pulling off it over a sexy and slim-fit bodycon dress adds a trendsetting style to your personality. To complete the look, pair it with long boots.

3. With a Scarf

If your oversized sweater is of some neutral shade, pairing it with some vibrantly hued or printed knitted scarf would add a pretty pop of color. Pair it with a jeans or leggings, it would look good both ways.

4. Over-sized Sweaters with Leggings

Leather is always trendy, especially in winter. When it comes to big sweaters, pairing with a leather or pleather leggings (or even pants) is one of the most eye-catching ways to pull it off.

5. With a Belt

To give a shape to your over-sized sweater and get a slim-fit look, using a wide belt on your waistline, is a great idea. Use the one that goes great with the color scheme of your outfit. It instantly adds a glamourous appeal to your look.

6. With a Cropped Pant

A cropped pant gives you a sleek and slim look. Pairing it with a baggy sweater helps in creating an equilibrium in your look.

7. With Dresses and Skirts

Utilize your summer dresses and skirts (short or maxi style) with a chunky sweater to find your perfect style. Be it a short skirt, shorts, dresses or a flowy maxi, they all look great with an oversized sweater.

ways to wear over-sized sweaters

source: with skirts

8. With Form-fitting Bottoms

To get a balanced look, you are advised to pair your baggy or oversized sweater with slimming pants/trousers.

Note: Avoid pairing your big sweaters with wide and baggy pants. It would look weird.

9. With Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt always look classy. And when you pair it with an oversized sweater, it accomplishes the winter look. To get the best results, wear contrasting shades. A printed sweater looks good with a plain skirt and a plain skirt goes great with a printed over-sized sweater.

10. In off-the-Shoulder Style

An oversized sweater looks sexy in off-the-shoulder style. Be it in the form of a dress, with skinny jeans or with a skirt, an off the shoulder style is always in style.

11. Style up with Collars

Wear your big sweater over a collared shirt. Layering up adds a superb style to a simple sweater. To add a touch of uniqueness, you can try shirts with collars of different styles and prints, showing up on your neck.

12. Funky Jewelry

Get your big sweater accessorized with big jewelry items that may include funky and colorful bangles, bracelets and necklaces. It adds an eye-catching sparkle to a neutrally shaded sweater.

13. With Straight Trousers

A denim or straight trouser/pants is never out of fashion. As an over-sized sweater promises a wider look on the top, pairing it with straight pant or trousers, balances out your overall look. This combination promises a flawless fit and standout style. Furthermore, a baggy sweater and high heels, give you a solid sense of style.

14. Get a Bohemian Look

Let’s try a boho-chic look by pairing your oversized sweater with a flowy and lacy gown. In addition to that, accessorize your feet with long leather boots.

15. Oversized Sweaters and Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, when paired with an oversized sweater, gives a balanced look. To add a touch of perfection, accessorize your feet with high heels.

16. With a Sequined Skirt

Anyone could hardly imagine an oversized sweater for a winter party night. Pairing it with a sequined skirt can actually make it happen. It’s a great idea to go with.

17. With Tights

Being a fashion forward girl, experiment with different styles in tights. Tights are available in plain as well as printed styles. All of them look great with a baggy sweater. Just remember, printed tights must be paired with plain top and plain tights look better with a printed sweater.

18. Accessorize Correctly

When you wear an over-sized sweater that is long enough to touch your thighs, it is quite likely to give you a shorter look. To add height to your look, you are recommended to wear high heels with it. It would not only add height to your look but you will also get a stylish appeal.

19. With Biker’s Jacket

Nothing could be better than dressing up in layers in winter. Putting a biker’s jacket over your big sweater adds a funky and youthful style to your look. To complete your look, wear a pencil skirt on your bottom part. For inspiration, just check out the image below.

20. With Leather Skirt and Sneakers

For a cool street style, dress up in your oversized sweater along with a short leather skirt (with legging for winter) and sneakers.

Conclusion: To cut the long story short, an over-sized sweater promises a sleek and stylish look for the women of every age group. You don’t have to be tall and slim like a model, to pull it off. All that you need is to use the best techniques, styles and contrasts to bring the best results. [Read here: 7 Warming ways to Amplify your Knitwear Style this Winter Season]

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