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How To Wear Spring Summer Scarf

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love scarves. Scarves have been a staple in my wardrobe for years. I love all accessories, but scarves are my favorite. It helps that my best-friend is French, and I have many friends who are also francophiles. I’ve been taught by the experts and received many tutorials on how to tie a scarf. By now, I’m able to wear a scarf with any outfit in any season. Even in the summer!

These are my nine favorite ways to wear scarves in the summer:

Long Around the Neck

I choose light cotton scarves that I can wear loosely in the summertime, just as I would a pashmina in winter. While still casual, this look adds a touch of polish to dresses, sleeveless shirts, and short-sleeved tops.

This is the traditional way to tie a scarf. You may have assumed that silk scarves are only suitable for winter. Think again. This knot is perfect with fitted t-shirts and shift dresses (with a little spandex). Colorful and vibrantly patterned silk scarves add visual interest to neutral or solid outfits. It is a great way to add variety and interest to your wardrobe.

Over-the-Shoulder Wrap

I get cold easily in air-conditioned restaurants, so I always have a scarf and sweater with me. Wrapping a large scarf around your shoulders is a great way to add some style. A large scarf can be draped over the shoulders to create a beautiful wrap.


These scarves look so small, they almost look like a choker. They are lightweight and have very little fabric. This makes them perfect for summer. The red neckerchief looks great with the Breton stripes top (so chic and French!) in the picture above.

Sarong – How can you talk about scarves and summertime without mentioning the sarong. The perfect cover-up for your bathing suit. In the summer, I have worn a large silk scarves as sarongs over a tank top in white and white leggings. The white color is the perfect canvas to play around with patterns and colors.

Bracelet/Wrist wrap

The neckerchief can be wrapped around the wrist to make a bracelet. I love how edgy this look is and how it looks with the button-down shirt in denim.

Head scarves

You need to have the perfect hairstyle for this look (certain cuts work better for this style). If you’re willing to experiment, this can look very bohemian.

Tied to a Handbag

An easy way to dress a solid-colored, simple handbag is to tie a small scarf around its handle. Instant polish! This look is not suitable for bags that are slouchy or patterned, or those with embellishments.

Halter Top

I saved this for last, because it is my favorite way to wear the scarf in summer. You will turn heads if you wear it! This looks stunning with a white long skirt, dark or light skinny jeans, black pants, or even shorts. If you are worried that you will not be able figure it out, there are many diagrams and videos on YouTube. You’ll need to use a large scarf (one that covers you completely so it looks classy).

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