How To Protect Clean Suede Leather Shoes

Suede is everywhere! From jackets to skirts. is the material that’s on trend. Recently, I realized that my collection of suede shoes is outshining leather. To ensure they will last, it’s essential to care for these materials.

When we buy these things, we often don’t consider this. We see something we want, and then save for it. I wanted to help because, when I was looking at my shoes that I had saved for, I thought, “omg! I’d be so disappointed if they got damaged by weather I didn’t expect” or something similar. Shoes are designed to be worn, so they will not last forever. When you spend hard-earned dollars on shoes, you hope that they last for many years. I am excited to share with you today what I have learned about suede shoes.

How to Care for Suede Shoes

SUEDE PROTECTANT spray for your suede shoes

Spray your shoes with suede protector spray before wearing them. You must first use a suedebrush on your shoes. The suede will be raised on the shoes so that you can spray each fiber. Use short, deliberate strokes with the suede brush to brush your shoes. Preferably, use the rubber side.

Spray the shoe with the protector spray. Hold the spray bottle 8-10 inches away from your shoe. Finally, brush the shoes with the suede brushes. This is best done outside as the spray can be a bit pungent. I would recommend a sunny day with no chance of rain. After you’ve finished spraying, let them dry outside. Give them three hours and you’re good to go.

SUEDE Erasers are effective for most stains

Here you can find a suede eraser. Although I’ve heard it, I’ve never tried it. Although it may seem counter-intuitive that water could stain suede, I have read that this method works. This is a quick tip for those who are on a tight schedule and cannot wait to receive a suede remover.


You should let them air dry for 24 hours prior to cleaning them. Use a suede or nylon bristled brush to remove the dried mud. Then, use the suede brush to remove the mud around the edges. Use a velvet lintbrush to remove the stains that the eraser has removed from the suede. Once you’ve completed the steps, your shoes should have their original texture. Spray your suede-protecting spray on the shoes and they will be ready for their next wear.


In most cases, your shoes should still be okay if they get wet. It is even more important if they were sprayed before wearing with a suede protectant. If they get water stains, you can spray some suede protector onto them. You can then use your suede brush to remove the stains.

You can use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to remove more severe stains. This is especially effective for stains caused by salts from snow. Use a nylon-bristled toothbrush or suede brush to remove the stain. Don’t forget to spray the suede protection spray on your shoes before you use them again.


You can restore old suede shoes with boiling water. Boiling water is the first step. Hold your shoes on top of the pot for a few moments to let them steam. This will restore the surface texture of the material.

Avoid wearing them in the snow

It’s true that it is not always possible to wear suede shoes in the snow. In many parts of the globe, snow is a constant throughout the winter. If you can, avoid wearing your suede shoes when it’s raining heavily. This will help to prolong the life of your suede shoes. Snow is dirty, slushy, and salty, which can be harmful to your suede shoes.

What to do with oil and grease stains

You may not be able to clean suede shoes if you spill oil or grease. If you want to try and clean them, follow the steps I’ve described. If this doesn’t help, you can call your local cobbler to see if he has any tricks up his sleeve.


When you are not wearing your suede shoes and want to keep their shape, make sure they’re stuffed when storing. You should also give your suede footwear 24 hours of rest before you wear them again.

These tips are a great help! Wear them anyway! Suede isn’t as fragile as people believe. Once you learn how to care for them, it’s easy. You will see that they last longer and look even better than you bought them.

You can see from the pictures that I am a suede shoe lover. Suede is a great texture for your wardrobe. Below I have rounded up my favorite suede shoes!

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