Big and Bouncy Curls

How to Get Big and Bouncy Curls at Home?

Are you fed up of those silky, straight and long hair and want some really cool way of styling these locks? What could be a better option than adding volume with curling iron or hot rollers for long hair. Hot rollers are the most recommended choice because of the level of ease they offer. Once you have set these hot rollers on your hair, you can get busy in any household task from laundry to cooking. And as the time comes, just remove the rollers and enjoy those breathtaking bouncy locks. Using hot curlers does not require you to go to some hair salon. You can have those curls on your own. Read on to find different ways to curl your hair perfectly (salon-like).


Determine the Size of the Rollers

Hot rollers are best way to curl hair. Using them, you must pick appropriate size. Every set of rollers come with a different size and promises a different style. Before you buy your hot curlers, be sure what type of curls you want. The rollers that come in a circumference smaller than an inch, are perfect for creating normal curls. While the hot rollers that come in big size are good for adding volume and bounce to lifeless hair. [Read here: 10 Fashionable Braids to Try for Short Hair]

How to Get Big Curls with Hot Rollers?

You can get that bounce of big curls by using hot rollers. But for that you must know how to use hot rollers. Without any experience in that, you can damage your hair. Here are the basic steps you need to follow.

  • Heat up the hot rollers till the time, mentioned on the packaging or 5 to 10 minutes are good enough to get the desired result.
  • While your rollers are getting heated, prepare your hair well for the procedure. Make sure your hair is dry before using the curling iron. Don’t forget to apply mousse or any heat protectant to avoid any possible damage.
  • Furthermore, you can add some curl-enhancing products to your hair to get the full bouncy tresses.
  • Start rolling from the hair in front. Separate about 2-3 inches’ thick hair tresses from the front and start rolling them up. Then repeat the same process with both sides to get side part curls. In the end roll up the back part.
  • Hot rollers take time in rolling up the hair (heat takes time in penetrating the hair). You’d have to wait till the rollers get cool down (20 to 25 minutes approx.).
  • Now remove the clamps and rollers one after another. Once you have opened all of them, avoid touching them too much to keep the volume and bounce.
  • Use some hairspray to keep the curls in their place. If you need to comb your hair, using your fingers should be preferred over brushing.

What are Different ways to Curl your Hair?

When it comes to curling your hair, it’s not an easy task for every girl. Some know it while others don’t. To cut the long story short, we all want an easy way to curl hair. Here we have rounded up different ways to curl hair. Try the one you find easy.

Flat Wrap

Flat wrap method is best for everyday routine. It is a method that gives you classic-inspired curls. Wrap your hair smoothly against the curling barrel. Take in all the hair from top to root inside the barrel, to ensure big curls. As hair are staying flat against the barrel, it would not take longer (heat would reach easily) in getting the hair rolled up. Hold them for a few minutes and release.

Spiral Wrap

For getting spiral-shaped curls, you can buy any spiral hair curlers, easily available in the market . You can get them with a simple curling wand as well. The first step is to get your hair sectioned in the form of spirals (one inch for each section). Now one by one, wrap each spiraled section of hair over the hot curling barrel. Spiraled hair is more likely to get slipped, so you better hold them tightly. Heat takes time in reaching the twisted locks so wait for about 10 to 15 minutes for getting them rolled.


Most Common Mistakes to Avoid while Rolling Hair

  • A heated curling method is quite likely to damage your hair. To prevent your hair from any further damage, don’t forget to apply some heat protectant spray.
  • If you want to keep your curls for a longer time, give your hot rollers as much time as possible. From 25 minutes to an hour is the most recommended time with hot rollers (not with curling iron).
  • Don’t forget the ends of the hair. Most women wrap the tresses and not the ends. Ultimately, when you remove the hair from the barrel, ends tend to give a really unmanageable look.
  • Take care of the direction of rolling up. Many women opt for curling in (which is wrong), instead of curling the hair away from the face. Curling the hair away promises a more natural and effortless look. So, next time you curl your hair, curl them away.
  • Pick the curling iron according to your hair type and the curls you want. For longer hair, curling iron with big barrel is most recommended.
  • Before you get your hair sectioned, determine what type of curls you want. For big curls, wrap large sections around the barrel and vice versa.
  • Even the curling irons should be picked carefully. These are available in different sizes for different curls. For example, a clamp iron is good for structured curls while a wand style iron is more suitable for getting a beachy style.
  • Sometimes, even after doing enough, the curls don’t stay put for a longer time. That means, you are not using some product/spray to hold the curls. Use something like Kérastase VIP spray to avoid this issue.

Conclusion: To get the perfect curls at home, you would have to be extra careful in many ways. Following the above-mentioned ways and tips might save you from getting unkempt curls and fried ends. [Read here: 15 Summer Hairstyles you should Try in 2017]

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