coco before chanel

Dress Up Tips that You Can Steal from Coco Before Chanel 

There is definitely no person in the fashion world who does not know the luxury brand Chanel. Seeing this iconic high fashion brand on the red carpet is not a very surprising scene. Socialites, A-list Celebrities and prominent public figures are the ones who would usually wear Chanel’s Haute Couture. Despite expensiveness and elegance that Chanel drags along with its brand, did you know that this high fashion brand has its own humble beginnings?

coco before chanel

Coco before Chanel

Coco avant Chanel (English: Coco before Chanel) is a French film that depicts the early life of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel – the brand’s master couturiere. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (played by Audrey Tautou) was not from a rich and prominent family. In fact, she and her sister grew up in an orphanage in central France. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel earned the nickname “Coco” from the song she sings together with her sister in a cabaret and since then, she has been widely known as Coco.

With her determination and ambition, she finally left her job as a seamstress and singer in the cabaret. She initially pursued her dreams of being a stage singer and performer with the help of Etienne Balsan, a wealthy textile heir whom Coco met in the cabaret. Years later, she became Balsan’s mistress and this led her to a world of lavish lifestyle. During her stay at Balsan’s chateau, she met a lot of French socialites who took notice of her exceptional talent in making hats.

When Coco met Arthur Capel, a wealthy English businessman, she falls in love with him and decided to leave Balsan’s chateau. Capel helped her start her own couture business and Chanel found herself making a fortune in the world of high fashion.

coco before chanel

Coco avant Chanel

The film shows a lot of beautiful pieces that genuinely portray Coco Chanel’s sophisticated fashion taste. In the movie, it is presented that Coco was not someone who follows mainstream style. When corsets made its way to every woman in the early 1900s, Coco broke the laws of mainstream fashion and liberated herself from the inconvenience the corset silhouette brings. She tailored dresses that made her feel comfortable and casual while embracing mono hues for her clothing options. Black has become Coco’s signature color for she believes that it is the only “real” color that exists. Here are some of Coco Chanel’s sleek and sophisticated fashion pieces which were shown in Coco before Chanel.

This casual nautical long-sleeve top is undoubtedly a general favorite. It is simply wearable and comfortable without sacrificing style. The wide side neckline gives a feminine touch to such boyish outfit.

A black and white ensemble is an absolute Chanel statement. In the film, Coco wore different types of blazers in which she gorgeously layered over chic collared blouses. In some film snippets, she would pair her favorite clothing coordinates with minimalist hats.

A black and white ensemble is an absolute Chanel statement. In the film, Coco wore different types of blazers in which she gorgeously layered over chic collared blouses. In some film snippets, she would pair her favorite clothing coordinates with minimalist hats.

How to Dress ala Coco Chanel in 2017

How to Dress ala Coco Chanel

One scene from Coco before Chanel shows Coco choosing a beautiful black fabric for the dress she will wear to a dance party with Arthur Capel. At that time, little black dresses were considered unusual since most French women come in light-colored, heavily-ruffled dresses as formal wear. Coco in her little black dress proved that something very simple can be extremely elegant.

  • Style Tip #2: Love Layers with your Blazers

How to Dress ala Coco Chanel

One noticeable thing about Coco Chanel in the film is her love for blazers. Her eye for homme couture gave way to embracing an elegant female version of high fashion coats for men. You can wear a well-fitted blazer with a lazy tank top or a plain V-Neck shirt and you will still look effortlessly elegant!

How to Dress ala Coco Chanel

You can still look like a million dollars without sacrificing comfort. Chanel’s signature fashion style is all about looking elegant but feeling comfortable at the same time. Several scenes from Coco before Chanel shows Coco giving priority to comfort over style. She wants different types of fashion wear that will liberate women from suffocating corsets and silhouettes. Fortunately today, our era lets us choose from countless clothing pieces that will make us feel comfortable. Some of your safe vogue choices are Straight-cut jumpsuits, long cardigans and oversized tops.

Coco before Chanel is a film overflowing with inspiration; both in life and fashion. She lived a hard life but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and ambitions. Her life’s work left a huge impact in the world of fashion as her legacy truly changed how women dress and how women see trends. Comparing the fashion sense most of the women in her time had to live by, our era discovered an elegant take in fashion without all the fuss and frazzle – all thanks to Coco Chanel. More fashion films: The Great Gatsby: You Say Olivia Palermo, We Say Daisy BuchananMad Men: Throw Back to 60s Fashion StyleFashion Movie: The Wings of the DoveClassic European Fashion from Downton Abbey

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