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If you have flat feet you will need to consider your options more carefully than the average runner. Finding the best or designing your own running shoes for flat feet is not a simple matter and you will need to do your research before finding your perfect pair. The alternative is an uncomfortable running experience as well as potential long-term problems with your ankles, knees, heels, back and hips. To design your own shoes, one must make a conscious effort to understand what runners go through and the features that are ultra-important. Even if you plan on running on a casual level, it is strongly advised that you buy a pair that suits your specific needs. Consider all the factors when making your own shoes for running too.

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The good news is that running has taken off as an amateur discipline and so manufacturers have introduced many advanced options for those with flat feet. This means that it is likely that you will find a pair offering you the support and stability you will need in order to take up running safely and comfortably.

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Generally speaking, ensure that you ask for a pair that has been specifically geared towards people with flat feet. Shoes offering additional support won’t help if you have an extreme case of over pronation. You will need something that is specialized. Look for the following qualities:

  • Stability: running shoes should offer plenty of stability through dual density foam. This type of foam will be situated just below the arch and will offer superior stability. Stability running shoes are suitable for many that suffer from over pronation.
  • Support: Support is an important aspect to consider. Runners that have flat feet can place pressure on joints of up to 3x their body weight if running with inadequate shoes. Ensure that your purchase will allow for the best weight distribution and arch support.
  • Insoles: Make sure that you leave adequate space to be able to insert special insoles, if you require this. Using a combination of specialized running shoes for flat feet and personalized insoles is enough for most people.
  • Motion control: These will give you additional support on the medial side of your foot and are suited for those with severe over pronation. Motion control running shoes are also suited for heavier runners as it gives the additional support required due to the added pressure on the feet and other joints.

If you go through the design path you need these qualities in your shoes. My final advice is visiting a store that is specialized in running shoes, if you haven’t done so already. Designing your own shoes can also be possible through a lot of avenues. With the popularity of the sport these days, it will not be difficult to find one. Find a sales adviser that has specific knowledge on running shoes for flat feet. Stores that take an imprint of your foot and give you a short running test will ensure that they offer you advice based on your personal needs. While it might seem annoying and long-winded to go through this entire process, it is essential that you take your time. It’s not worth risking your health to save a little bit of time! Invest in your body’s health unless you want to run into issues in the long-term.

If you’ve already done this and have a good idea of what you need, or if you know folks who suffer from over pronation then by all means start your designing today.

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