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Greatest Fashion Icon of All Time: Princess Diana

England’s Rose, Princess Diana is one of the most prominent and massive iconic figures in history. Millions of people, not only in Great Britain, but also from all over the world, know how significant Princess Diana’s contributions are. She left a solid legacy behind her and marked peoples’ hearts with her heartwarming kindness and generosity.

Lady Diana was born into a family of British nobility, which makes her background truly suitable into royalty. She took the spotlight early when she got engaged to Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne. On July 29, 1981, Lady Diana became Princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles at the age of 20. She was introduced to all royal duties and the global media at an early age of 20, which made everything about her and her family out and available in the public. Three months after her marriage, she gave birth to an heir, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis.

Princess Diana continued to be under an enormous number of journalists and photographers around her all throughout her activities. From the birth of her second child, Prince Harry, to her public feud and divorce to Prince Charles – all were documented by the media. Despite the Princess’ dark times, she still managed to continue her royal duties and humanitarian work. Apart from being a member of the British royal family, she also became a huge worldwide celebrity which led many people around the world lay their eyes on her.

Princess Diana’s Contribution to Fashion

While it is true that her royal connection pulled her into the spotlight, a lot of her other activities have led her to the scrutinizing eyes of the press and mass public. Her every move is watched, including her astounding garments and exceptional fashion sense. In the following photos, we will review some of her momentous fashion pieces that solely proved that she’s indeed, the People’s Princess.

Flaunt Your Princess Fashion Inspired by the Princess of Wales

All throughout Princess Diana’s life under the public eye, she embraced diverse fashion styles which proved that she didn’t have to follow a certain dress code. You can also be as experimental as you wish, but here are some key points that we took note of with regards to following Princess Diana’s fashion.

#1 Matching Colors and Prints

Color coordination is one of Princess Diana’s signature looks. She wears matching colors from her dress to her shoes, as well as matching prints for her suits.

#2 Fitted Tops

Princess Diana has a very slim body figure, which also makes her upper body quite small. What’s common with her gowns, suits and dresses is that they are mostly tailored specifically to hug the princess’ upper body. She liked wearing body-fitting tops with long sleeves.

#3 Accessorize with Jewelry

Wearing jewelry seems to be a given, especially when you are part of the royal family. Princess Diana’s notable fashion statement is that she knows how to properly accessorize her jewelries. She has never overdone her jewelries by heavily putting them all up.

Thanks to Princess Diana, we all realized that dressing up like a princess isn’t a very far-fetched dream. With the right choice of fabric and the proper cut, flaunting your very own princess fashion is very much achievable. What’s your favorite fashion piece from the Princess of Wales?

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