10 Adorable Career Costume Ideas for Kids

Thinking of what will your kids’ venture when they grow up? Well, it could be too early to tell but fantasizing about their careers in the future is definitely a sight to behold— from surgeon to ballerina, and anything under the sun.

A photographer, and a father of a 3-month old daughter named June, was quite excited about her kid’s career. Thus, he dressed up his daughter in a series of outfits that showed different professions like a surfer, a boxer, bull fighter, and many more. June’s dad, Malo, makes sure that his adorable toddler is always comfortable during the photo shoot. His wife, and a couple of friends, assist him in each photography session, while little June is making her way to charm the camera. So, here are some adorable snaps of June, and her charming career day dress up ideas that will surely make your hearts flutter.

1. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Nurse

Being a nurse is a very valuable profession. Aside from helping those in need, you can also save lives. That’s apparently one of the most cherished aspects of being in the medical industry. And any kid who wishes to be a nurse someday has a heart of gold. Some nurses work during weekends, and even sacrifice the holiday season just to be on their quarters, and assist the patients. Sometimes, being a nurse is not just about working; it’s more of touching lives through your soothing hands and comforting words.

2. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Dancer

Got a flair for dancing? Then you could be the next Michael Jackson, Shakira or Jennifer Lopez! There’s something for every dancer— you can be a ballerina, a hip-hop performer, or a choreographer. The world of dancing is limitless and very exciting. Your dance moves can be a way of expressing yourself, and creating an impact to the world. There’s nothing more fulfilling than working with your passion.

3. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Butcher

A butcher may not be a very common profession, but it’s definitely a respectable job. Without the butchers, who would cut those hard creatures to pieces? They make your cooking session more convenient and comfortable. So next time you see a butcher, you could at least thank him for making your like much easier.

4. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Boxer

Want to follow the steps of legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao? Then, it’s time to harness your skills at an early age. The number of bruises, broken bones, and shattered teeth are all part of the game. Each of these well-loved boxers have been through a lot of pain and sacrifices before reaching the top. Success is not an overnight process, and you definitely need to work hard for it.

5. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Wrestler

Just like boxing, wrestling could be a pretty exhilirating sports, and professional wrestlers have dedicated their lives breaking bones, neck, and anything they could think of. Being in a ring, these individuals do not just think of winning the trophy, but also about winning life. It’s like a matter of life survival with a touch of excitement and thrill at the same time. And if you’re up to this kind of career in the future, then you must practice your skills as early as now, and you can just start with the costume.

6. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Priest

To live a life centered with God is a life full of love. Being a religious advocate is a profession that may not be a very common choice among the current generation. But there are also some who are willing to lift everything to the heavenly creator, even if that entails living a life of preaching the word of the Lord. And these people are what we call the priests. These are the persons authorized to perform religious rites, and also act as mediatory agent between the people on Earth and God. Being a priest is not a choice, but rather a calling. If that’s your calling, then fully embrace it.

7. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Cardinal

Aside from priests, cardinals also compose the religious sector. Cardinals are chosen by the pope. And in the Hierarchy of the Catholic church, there is what they call as the college of cardinals. These cardinals are the persons who advise the pope, and at the event of the resignation or death of the existing pope, they will elect a pope from their circle.

8. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Stewardess

Being in an aircraft for 5 days a week can be quite intimidating yet very exciting. Stewardess is a great choice for those wanting to travel around the world, while doing your job. It’s basically a perfect avenue for people who can’t let their wandering feet rest, and want to discover the world in a heartbeat. But take note that applying for a stewardess position can be difficult as there are certain requirements like the height and the posture.

9. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Fighter

Ever thought of running away and taming some large and not-so-adorable creatures? It could be pretty exciting and tiring at the same time. So if you have a thing for bulls, then you might want to be a bull fighter. A bull fighter is rather unique but adventurous profession that will surely bring your adrenaline rush to the next level.

10. Career Costume Ideas for Kids — Surfer

The waves are calling! A surfer is definitely a very action-packed profession. You will brave the waves, and sometimes the sharks, into your water quests. Though being a surfer is completely a different career— palm trees instead of the corners of a room, sands instead of tiled flooring, and soothing breeze instead of fake air, this is surely a very fulfilling way to experience the beauty of life.

Aside from the above-mentioned careers, there are still a lot of great professions that are in store for each one of you. You can be a fashion designer, a writer, or a lawyer.

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