How to Make Hair Bows

Wearing bows for many of us is like going back to those school days. We used to make two braids and wear bows to look like a pretty school girl. But, did you know that it is possible to look stylish with bows and not look like a teenager? You just need to know the right way to wear a bow. There are so many hair bow style or tutorials in Cosmopolitan or Brit+Co on how to wear hair bows and easy hair bow styles. These tricks are to make you look chic and stylish, at the same time, not immature. Let’s have a look at some hair bow styles or how to make hair bows:

#1 Hair Bows with a princess hairdo

You must have added accessories with a princess hairdo. But, have you ever tried a bow on it? It is too pretty and classy. You can wear it in between the puff and your front hairs to highlight the hairdo or you can try it behind the hair, where you have tied the puff with clip. It will also help to cover the messy clipping areas and give you an instant classy look.

#2 Hair Bows with messy or classy bun

Buns are simple to create and often look casual. So, if you are going for a hang out or want a classy party look, hair bows can be the best accessory. It is a pretty classic woman look who love to make buns and make themselves ready within a short time. Just make a bun and tie it with a rubber. Then, tie the bow on it and you are ready.

#3 Hair Bows with headband

No need to shrink your eyebrows. Headband with hair bows are a quick-ready hairdo and is pretty stylish according to the experts of Ma Nouvelle Mode. You can try them with a little puffy hair in front or back. They look adorable on large puff as well. Leave the rest of the hair or tie them. You can make curvy rolls with the rest of the hairs to bring a classy party look.

#4 Hair Bows with ponytails

Pony tails are favorite hairdo for all. What if you highlight your pony tail with some simple hair bows? Pony tails can be high or medium. You can also tie your hair behind with a bow. They are simple and make you look mature.

#5 Hair Bows with Braids

No, they are not the old school braid. Rather, they are in the running fashion craze and wearing a hair bow can add a complement to that look. You can make any type of hair braid, such as side braid and then add a bow at the bottom or braid lines that will be tied to another line. Add a bow at the front. Too large bows make the face look funny. So, you can try on the pearl beads bows that are small to medium in size or just make a bow from the required length of a ribbon.

Try these new looks with hair bows and you will never look your hair like before.

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