Newborn Babies Who Are Going To Have Their First Christmas

Christmas is one of the most looked forward holidays in the history of mankind, celebrated all around the globe. It is the time to share presents and spend quality time with people who mean everything to us. For kids especially the newborns who are going to have their first Christmas, Christmas is very important as it is the time to meet their relatives including cousins to rekindle their relationship with them and of course – Santa Claus. So let us look at some of the kids celebrating their first Christmas after being born in this beautiful world.

If you found the Santa and snowman pair to be cute, you are in for a treat here. The penguin themed outfit combined with the cuteness of the little joy from heaven will melt your heart. Welcoming Christmas with a comic side to it we get the feeling that the penguin is looking right at us.

The snowman themed outfits seems to be one of the favorites among the babies who are welcoming their first Christmas. The snow white outfit with the red shawl makes the look all the more beautiful. An additional black patterned cap on the woolen cap makes the look trendier.

This bundle of joy knows how to throw a pose. The reindeer dress will make the baby more cute and sweet. The pink bow and nose add a certain level of charm to the outfit.

The adorable quotient in this picture is too darn high. Dressed as Santa, the baby is giving a solid performance by being in character of baby Jesus in the crib. This is the dress that can prove babies are divine.

Heartwarming – this is a word that describes this dress. It looks as if one of Santa’s reindeer fell asleep and stayed behind when Santa went off to deliver the presents.

Just looking at the white beautiful dress gives a peaceful feeling to your heart. The snowman costume topped off with a snowy atmosphere brings out the spirit of Christmas truly to our minds.

Making yourself comfortable no matter where you are. It is one of the perfect baby dresses to go for, as the reindeer outfit adds to the lovability factor.

It looks like the baby in cute reindeer dress is eagerly waiting for the first Christmas with the baby’s reindeer friend. Let us hope they both have a great first Christmas together.

Accessorizing with the Christmas tree hat, the baby seems waiting for the first Christmas with an attitude, a good one. Finding comfort where he/she is left at, this baby is not scared of the coming winter as the excitement for Christmas overshadows it.

The baby is full of curiosity, wanting to know more about the miracle of Christmas, the birth of Jesus and the gifts received by Baby Jesus from the Magis. The little baby is surely looking more cute in this beautiful brown cap.

Hell bent on meeting Santa; the baby made sure to be with the things that are offered to Santa. So that Santa cannot leave without meeting the cool little kid. Sporting the Santa accessories, it is sure Santa wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to miss such an adorable baby.

Pulling off the role of Baby Jesus is not a piece of cake. But this baby effortlessly does his part to bring full justice to the role. The divinity is evident and with a perfectly decorated crib and beautiful dress, the baby is going to have one of the best first Christmas ever.

If we can achieve the level of peace babies, there would be no fight in the world. This beautiful crib and trendy cap definitely adds to the innocence of the baby going to wish Merry Christmas to the whole world.

Staying true to the spirit of Christmas, the baby wants to welcome the holiday’s season and Santa, especially Santa in the most heartwarming way. Dressed in beautiful Santa dress, baby seems to wish “A Merry Christmas” to all.

This cute baby definitely is looking trendier in this trendy colorful cap. Waiting for the first Christmas has never been more comfortable.

Definitely, this beautiful cap and Santa’s reindeer dress will make your baby happier. The baby would like to wish everyone “Merry Christmas” on his first Christmas.

Never thought the first Christmas would end up being so comfortable. The snowy fabric dress makes the sleep all the more better with the thought that Santa is going to be here soon.

Sporting a snowman and Santa Claus outfits, these cute babies seem to be dreaming about how good Christmas is going to be for them. The shawl, the buttons and the hair band blend well with the snowman look as the other little fellow seems to be very cozy wearing the winter cap.

Dressed up in beautiful penguin dress, it seems that this adorable baby is stubborn to get into the good books of Santa on the first Christmas ever.

Wanting to give the candy stick personally to Santa, the baby is holding on to it with the excitement of waiting for Christmas very evident on the face. Dressed in trendy outfit and having a personalized blanket does help in throwing the message of Christmas through the night. It seems that the baby is in thoughts of the wonderful gifts going to receive from Santa.

In the End

With Christmas approaching faster than ever, it is one of the best times to show the babies the true spirit of Christmas. You can find the cutest Halloween Costumes for kids here. The above trendy and cute outfits would definitely add to their adorability and they would feel more comfortable as well. It is the time to spread joy and cheer, being with the ones we love, singing songs about Jesus, about the blessed way he came to us.

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