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Fascinating Fashion Lessons from La La Land

With over 40 prominent awards and recognition from different prestigious film awarding associations like Golden Globes, SAG Awards, BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards, La La Land is definitely one of the most iconic movies of all time. And when we say iconic, it’s not just about the story line and the characters, but also the fashion lessons you can get from the movie. The La La Land fashion has seriously created abuzz in the fashion world, and you’ll certainly appreciate how the actors and actresses pulled of the charming Hollywood style.

To relive the striking La La Land looks, we’ve rounded up some of the fascinating fashion lessons and best dressed moments from our favorite stars.

Be Bold and Bright

Source: >A Critic of Everything

Never limit yourself to the conventional black and white ensemble, and go for something that would definitely turn heads. Vivid and colorful styles make everything more beautiful and vibrant. It creates a getup that will surely light up the mood of everyone in the room. And for those needing some downright flamboyant inspirations, Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) has some significant tips for every fashion maven. Be sure to stack some bold and bright pieces to your wardrobe. With these bright ensembles, you might need fewer accessories because your outfit itself is worth the second look. Just learn how to choose the right colors and designs that will accentuate your assets to the fullest— be it body-con dresses or top & flared skirt combo. But of course, it’s not just about the right choices but also the way you handle yourself. Confidence will keep you on the spotlight, really.

Cheap yet Captivating Choices

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You don’t have to spend heaps of money just to achieve a head turner fashion. The movie proved that you can still look good even with those inexpensive pieces. The film’s costume designer, Mary Zophres, revealed that most of Mia’s ensembles were shopped from her well-loved vintage shop. She made sure that the fashion choices would fit Emma’s character— a struggling actress, who works at coffee shop, and can’t afford designer collections.

Source: Elan Street

Whilst Mia’s economic status and besieged career, these didn’t impede her in achieving some shining moments with the help of her cheap yet captivating choices. She’s always on top of her styles, and one of the most visible collections in her wardrobe is the A-line dress. This type of dress certainly creates a very flattering silhouette as it hugs the curves in the hips and beautifully flares outward for a sophisticated look. Resourcefulness goes a long way, as well as creativity.

If you got a serious thing for arts, effort and time, then might as well indulge yourself in some exciting and satisfying DIY. Yes, DIY will make your idle time more meaningful. So, check out some of our fun and stylish DIY projects for everyone: 8 Charming Ways To Cut a Shirt, How to Make a Tulle Skirt, and Thrifty and Trendy: 10 Fashion DIYs to Try.

Less is Actually More

Source: Awards Daily

There’s no need to reveal a lot of skin when you can actually turn heads with some fully-clothed ensembles. Sometimes, suits are not just for men; it definitely works well with women, and Emma Stone is a clear portrayal of ‘less is more’. At one instance in the movie, Emma ditches the super feminine look, and went for a tough getup. She donned a nice, tailored suit attire and completed her look with some bright red lips. The overall look was just simply striking.

Make the Most Out of your Wardrobe

Source: Collider

Did you know that Seb (Ryan Gosling) only wore five shirts, three, coats, and two pairs of trousers for the entire film? Yes, and apparently, most of you are also guilty of wearing the same OOTD’s. We totally understand you, but still, you need to make the most of your wardrobe essentials. Try to have a wardrobe capsule or prepare your OOTD in advance. This will totally save time and money.

Be Ready, Always

Source: Metro

As an actress looking for her big break, Mia always makes sure that she is on the go and ready for some serious misfortunes like spilled coffee or killer heels. Thus, it’s better to bring some spare shirts and flats to make your life more comfortable and convenient.

La La Land in Red Carpet

Even in the red carpet, the actors and actresses, especially Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, made sure that they conquer the stage with their fashion ensembles. Here are some of the breathtakingly gorgeous red carpet looks of the La La Land stars.

Source: The Japan Times

The onscreen duo is definitely a vision of style and sophistication with their fashion choices— Emma in her sparkling Valentino gown and Ryan in his classical white Gucci tuxedo.

Source: Lainey Gossip

Dress like Emma Stone! Not only did she bag the best actress award, but she was also featured as one of the best dressed celebrities in the 2017 Academy Awards. Well, thanks to her fascinating fringes and charming color coordination that totally made everything perfect in all angles.

Source: News From Around the World

Ryan Gosling would, of course, never miss the red carpet in style. Forgoing the conventional tuxedo, he looked effortlessly dashing in his untraditional ruffle shirt paired with a Gucci suit and black bow tie. He wouldn’t be a women magnet for nothing, and his striking fashion sense is definitely a plus factor!

Source: Ew

Emma Stone in La La Land was certainly one of the highlights of her career as an actress. And during the 2017 SAG Awards, she also proved that she’s up for everything— whether it be acting or styling. Emma got some serious skin-showing style as she wore a black lingerie-inspired gown from Alexander McQueen. The dark outfit complemented well with her pale skin, and we just can’t take off our eyes with her charmingly fresh hair and makeup.

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