A Brief History of Titanic Fashion Trends and Styles

Titanic era (1910-12) was the shortest but the most inspirational period in history. This period is also known as Pre-World War I era. Many of us have quite a little knowledge about that golden yet tragic time. But still we want to cherish those days by celebrating titanic-inspired themes in weddings or parties. To do that in the most convincing way, you must have the very basic info about titanic fashion trends and vintage clothing ideas.

Influences on Titanic Fashion

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Simple and Straight Style

Titanic style trends were all about femininity and grace. Most of the fashion trends in titanic era were largely inspired by Edwardian era and another branch of it, known as La Belle Epoque. Trends in Titanic period had also many outer influences. The most noticeable one was from the oriental countries, especially the newly found land of Japan.

Transition in Trends

This was the end of Edwardian era and the beginning of Art deco style. So, trends for became simpler as compared to the pure Edwardian period. Earlier we had more voluptuous silhouettes, that used to display large bosoms, slim-fit waistline and heavy bottoms. Titanic era saw a transition to a more straight and natural look.

#1. Women Clothing Style

Hobble Skirts

The most common clothing items included form-fitting skirts (hobble skirts) with long trains, corset designs with columnar silhouette. In the evening, ladies used to wear lacy and layered gowns with short sleeves, open necklines and blouses with deep back. For daytime look, the dresses were more covered, preferably the hobble skirts. It had Edwardian collars and full sleeves. Note: Hobble skirt was greatly influenced by the Japanese dress of a Geisha. Just the way, a Geisha’s dress makes it hard to walk easily, a hobble was also not an easy style for walking.

The mature ladies preferred to stick to the typical old Edwardian fashion, that’s why they mostly used to wear A-line silhouette, puffy shoulders, long sleeves and ruffled bottoms.

  • Fabrics: Soft and silky (embroidered) fabrics were more preferred.The most common fabrics included; silk, charmeuse, satin, brocade, crape de chine, chiffon, tulle and velvet (in winter).
  • Color Combos: Normally the Edwardian ladies used to wear decent and light hued dresses. The most favorite colors included; cream, pink, pale blue and lemon yellow. It was only after the oriental influence that bold colors became a part of titanic fashion.Now the ladies were also seen experimenting with the colors like emerald, royal blue and black.
  • Styling:Styling was significant for evening gowns. And the most common styles were embroidered gowns, asymmetrical draping and decorations, beads work, pleats, fringes and lace insets. Belts on the waists were used to get a slimming waistline.

#2. Flattering Hairdos for Ladies

Wavy Locks piled with Hair Accessories

The most trendsetting style of the day was piling up the hair on the head in the form of braids with curled locks. With many neoclassical details, the hair was all about waves, puffs and curly locks, normally covering the area of the ears. All that was quite opposite to the most popular hairstyles of 2016.

#3. Other Fashion Accessories for Women

That era had very specific fashion accessories that can be seen in the movies like ‘Titanic’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and the famous documentaries like the first season of ‘Downton Abbey’.

  • Jewelry:Beads, gold, silver, pearl, rhinestones; all were the trends of the day; whether it were teardrop earrings, bracelets, necklace, brooches or buckles, it was all there, dominating the glam world.
  • Hat: Women loved large hats both simple and embellished with flowers, colorful ribbon bows, ostrich feathers etc.
  • Headdresses:Headdresses were quite trendy especially for the evening time. These head accessories were in the form of bandeaus, wreathlets, or like a floral crown. Gold, silver and rhinestone tiaras embellished with pearls were like a timeless treasure, loved by the noble ladies. Glitzy and engraved hairpins and hair combs were also used on the heads of the ladies.
  • Parasols:Titanic fashion is incomplete without it. Every fair complexioned lady was treated as a lady of honor and wealth. So, having a fair skin tone was really important to them. Each time a lady used to go outside, she was supposed to carry a parasol to get sun protection. These laced and colorful parasols became one of the most iconic fashion trends.

Lady Holding Parasol

  • Folding Fans:A folding fan used to be the most common accessory held by each lady.
  • Purse:Following the fashion trends those days, all the ladies used to accessorize with the purses in German silver mesh, hanging from the waist. For daytime use, leather purses with metal frames were quite common.
  • Gloves: Leather gloves, matched with the outfit, lace gloves, embroidered, suede and silk gloves were quite common. And wearing them was a must-do for all the Edwardian ladies.

Trendy Shoes in Titanic Era

  • Wraps: Also known as shawls, these were a must-have fashion accessory for both day and evening time. These silk shawls were plain, patterned, embroidered, and in coordination with the outfit’s color.
  • Stockings:Cotton and silk stockings were worn by the ladies. Colors could be black, white or any that goes great with the gown.
  • Shoes:Daytime shoes were boots with buttons and for evening, leather and silk pumps with medium heels were the perfect piece with any outfit.

Big-Sized Embellished Hats

#4. Clothing Style for Men

I think it would be unfair if we don’t discuss about men’s fashion trends at all. The most common style for all the men in high classes was, a narrow-waisted tail coat, shirt with cuff, a wing collar, waist coat inside, bowtie, all paired with tapered pants.

#5. Accessories for Men:

Men’s Look

Gloves, a hat, and pointy shoes with laces of ribbon and finally, a stick to hold. These were the very basic accessories for men. This was also a transitioned form and not a purely Edwardian look.

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Conclusion: With a little study of the era, you can give a real-like look to your titanic-themed events. It’s a really vast topic and to cover each and every detail is not possible. But you can get inspiration and ideas from here to know more about titanic fashion.

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