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Steampunk Fashion: Eccentric Esthetic Style

While most of you have embraced the latest fashion trends, there are distinct individuals who are into Steampunk fashion. If you are wondering what in the world is Steampunk fashion, then read on and you will discover this one of a kind style.

Background of Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk Fashion

When we talk about Steampunk fashion, it is always associated with Steampunk literature, which is often about eccentric aesthetic styles. Most of these fashion designs were copied from the British Victorian era (refer to how to dress modern victorian style)or American Wild West. During those period, Steampunk was very visible in all aspects. It features not just fashion, but also art, culture and architectural style. But talking about Steampunk fashion itself, revolves around post-apocalyptic attire, aristocrat make-up, unconventional hairstyling, cosmic accessories and even body modification.

Accessories of Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk fashion is more of dressing up yourself like that of a movie character. Women would often wear adventurous type of costumes like that of a pirate or a warrior. Most dress colors are black, brown, maroon and beige. A steampunk fashion would not be complete without the accessories that defines your character. If you opt for a pirate, then a buccaneer hat and a toy knife will glam up your entire look.

Steampunk knife

Steampunk hat

Steampunk belts

Steampunk Fashion for Women

Steampunk women

While there is a generalization of colors, the truth is there is no specifications when it comes to steampunk fashion. It’s not all about dark colors but choosing the right shade for you. It can be as bright as a luminous gown or as dark as gothic outfit. There are no limits as to what color you want to wear. It’s about making a statement about advanced technology. So if your favorite color is green, then wear it with pride. After all, steampunk is more on how you give justice to what you are wearing.

image 1058

Steampunk corset

Corsets were a thing during the Victorian era. And since steampunk is generally connected with such period, these waist cinching embellishments complete the steampunk inspired look. There are a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to corset style and colors. There are silk, lace and leather corset types in different colors. However, this generation has been very creative. Corset is not the only thing that could make you look slimmer. And here are some of the ways to look slimmer without using the traditional corset:

Steampunk boots

Boots are also the perfect footwear for steampunk fashion. It makes the whole get-up a bit realistic. Some would also pair it with tights or socks with catchy patterns like stripes, plaids and checks. And if you are attending a steampunk fashion, you probably need to shop for boots.

Steampunk watch

Steampunk chocker

Steampunk hair accessories

Steampunk Fashion for Men

Steampunk for men

Men tend to be more impressive when wearing this kind of fashion style. It somehow represents a certain personality, wherein it naturally mixes up with the whole look. A steampunk fashion for men is likely related to making an interesting fashion statement like the picture above. Costume pieces are very important in making it a lot similar with a character you are playing.

Steampunk goggles

Steampunk gun

Though most Steampunk fashion styles are associated with the trends during the Victorian era, some men would dress up in extremely eccentric costumes. Goggles, guns and gears are the best accessories to pull off a memorable Steampunk style.

Steampunk Fashion for Kids

Steampunk for kids

Steampunk for pets

Steampunk fashion is for everyone, even your kids and your pet. Dressing them up with ancient outfits or machine-made patterns, make them more adorable. And if you are still in doubt of what steampunk fashion is all about, you can just think of the Victorian era— dresses and corsets, shirts and vests, goggles and gear. You can never go wrong with these outfits because these are the most safe steampunk attires.With steampunk, your kids and pets can have a great fashion sense too. It’s that kind of fashion that is worth the ages because of its exceptional style. How can a child look so adorable in mature outfit?

Steampunk Parties

Steampunk party

Steampunk parties are very much fascinating. Dressing up as your favorite steampunk character is totally awesome. You wouldn’t have a hard time in looking what to wear because you can choose whether a Victorian fashion or gothic style. And not just that, your favorite movie characters like Steamboy, Van Helsing, Hugo Cabret could be your peg. Honestly, there are a lot of movies where you can get ideas for your Steampunk party.

Steampunk costumes

Be innovative in choosing your character and learn to act like them. Steampunk fashion is being comfortable with your character, whether how elegant attire or attractive accessories you have. It all boils down to making the right fashion, with the right character. Here are some of the best movies that features great steampunk fashion: Top 10 SteamPunk Movies Of All Time.

The best way to perfect a steampunk fashion is to be able to carry yourself properly. And you can only do that if you stay true to yourself. It is not just about picking a Victorian costume because steampunk will always be connected with those period. It is not just about choosing the Gothic style because steampunk is likely correlated with those costumes. Steampunk is not limited to Victorian nor Gothic style. It is a combination of style and uniqueness. Choose what you want and not because of what the norms tells you to do. Get ideas from other people, but you still need to make you distinct steampunk fashion style. Create a steampunk fashion that you love, with your own diversity and rareness.

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