Workout Routines for Women: The Best Workout for Your Body Type

Sometimes even after following a hard-hitting routine of work out, you don’t get the desired fitness results. Have you ever pondered on that point? Some of us don’t accept but body types are an undeniable fact. There are some body types that can be toned more easily than the others. We all have different shapes and sizes and each shape requires a different type of workout. So, this is the time to stop doing what everyone else is doing. Find the exercises that fit your body type. Here we have rounded up the most common types of bodies along with the styles of work out, suitable for each of it.

Determine your Dominant Body Type

Before picking your moves, the first thing to do is to determine your dominant body type. There are three main body types for women. Here is a detailed guide about these main body shapes. Read carefully to determine which body type do you belong to.

  • Hourglass
  • Apple
  • Pear

An Hourglass Body Type

Beyonce hourglass body

  • People with this body type have more tendency of gaining weight. Even losing weight is not that easy for them.
  • They have hips, wider than their shoulders.
  • They have a large bone structure and fats in the form of layers.
  • Apparently, they would look curvy with a round appearance.
  • Such people have a long torso with smaller limbs.

Sofía Vergara hourglass body

Apple Body Type

Britney Spears apple body

  • Women with apple shaped body have slim looking shoulders and heavy abdominal part.
  • A round and curvy waistline that travels down to heavy looking thighs.
  • The roundness of waist and thighs makes the abdominal part look like an apple

Kate Winslet apple body

Pear Body Type

Keira Knightley pear body

  • your bottom part (hips) seem to be larger than your chest and shoulders.
  • You have a comparatively slimming and well-shaped waist.
  • Your neck, arms and shoulders, all have a delicacy in them.

Rachel Bilson pear body

#1 Workout for Hourglass Body Type

For women with an hourglass body type, it is easy to shape up the body but losing excessive weight is not so easy. You would have to do intensive work out if you have excessive fats. To make the difference, you would have to kick off with a high intensity aerobics in gym. Aerobics would keep your metabolism burning with an enhanced heart rate. Once you are out of gym, keep yourself challenged with some multi-joint movements to keep your body stimulated.

Weight Training

  • For weight training, make sure you have at least 2 to 3 sessions of work out in a week.
  • The intensity should be light to moderate, especially in the beginning.
  • Repeat it to about 12 to 15 times.
  • 2 to 4 sets of weight training are good enough with about a 30 seconds’ rest in each.

Cardio Work out

  • For the challenge of burning calories and loads of fats, we highly recommend a cardio workout for about 3 to 5 days in a week.
  • Duration should be about 20 to 45 minutes for longer cardio days. (50 to 70 % intensity)
  • For shorter cardio days, 20 to 30 minutes’ duration is fine. (70 to 80 % intensity)

An Ideal Dietary Plan

When your focus is to lose those extra calories, diet can play an important role. Other than being nutritious in your choices, strictly follow the plan of six smaller meals in the whole day instead of 3 larger meals. This is a great way of burning fats and maintaining a high metabolic rate.

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#2 Workout for Apple Body Type

You should focus on the exercises that are meant to shape up your svelte narrow waist and lower abdominal area. Oprah Winfrey is the best example of an apple shape body. Keeping her in mind, your main focus should be to burn fats from abdomen and thighs.

Main Exercises

Aerobics are the best option for you. Beside this, other intense exercises include running, cycling and swimming. Especially running is considered best for those who want to burn more calories in lesser time.

Cardio Workout

Stepper and treadmill on incline, both are considered highly result-oriented. These not only elevate your heart rate, but are quite effective for shaping up your thighs and legs. Make sure to keep changing these cardio moves from time to time. Never repeat your moves for more than one month.


Prefer foods with protein. As a whole, look for a balanced and healthy diet.

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#3 Workout for Pear Body Type

Your problem areas are hips, glutes and thighs. But most of the physical activities you are going to perform, are going to effect the fats, all over your body. You need to look for some exercises that are known for toning up your shoulders, chest and abs as well. To fulfill these requirements, aerobatic moves, running, swimming and rowing the boat are the most recommended options. These exercises will increase your heart rate and as a result you would have a high metabolic rate.

Exercises for Lower Body

Some other exercises that are considered best for shaping up the lower, bulky area are; hamstring curls, scissors jump, squats and lunges. Focus not on any specific part. Having a balanced body shape is very important.


It is very important for you to intake some nutritious calories along with a balanced diet. Other than fresh fruits and vegetables, add lean proteins and grains as a part of your diet. Intake of fluids (especially water) is highly significant in the whole weight loss process. Alcoholic and soda-based drinks should be discarded from your diet.

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Conclusion: Keeping fit is very important in the fast-paced world of today. This is not just about a healthy body, but it’s about a healthy lifestyle too. Secondly, this whole workout routine would be beneficial only if it is followed by a balanced and nutritious diet plan. Junk foods, sugar and processed foods must be avoided. Eating fresh veggies and fruits, intake of protein and minerals; every step has its own significance. Above all, irrespective of any body type, it is very important to have plenty of water so that your tissues may perform effectively.

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