8 Charming Ways To Cut a Shirt

Even with your old wardrobe essentials, you can still pull off a fascinating style. Yes, and we’re talking about your old clothes that can get an instant makeover by just cutting them in a charming manner. Cutting your shirts will not just maximize your clothes collection, but will also give a personal and trendy touch to your wardrobe. There are many stores that feature pre-cut shirts, but most of them are rather costly. Thus, you need to improvise and learn how to be resourceful.

You will be needing some DIY essentials such as scissors, needle, thread, tape measure, and the like. These processes are mostly simple, but there are also some that are quite complicated. But all in all, these DIY methods will elevate your artistic sense and save money. For sure, you’ll be taking your creativity to the next level!

1. Sassy Sleeveless

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The most easy and sassy way to cut your shirt is by cutting the sleeves. Cutting your sleeves are very easy, especially those shirts with outline. You can use your old tight shirts, then cut the sides all the way down. Be sure to stretch the fabric first before cutting so that it will not look unevenly cut. The width of the shoulder strap may vary depending on what you want, whether you want in petite or extensive.

2. Charming Crop Tops

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Crop tops are one of the trendiest fashion ensembles in the current generation, and owning one doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. You just have to level up your creativity. Starting off, you can choose old tops that you are willing to cast for a striking transformation. Shirts that have become a little tight for you or those with hemline that are ripped off are the best choices. Now, it’s time to cut off the lower portion, and don’t forget to keep the sides shorter while the front a little bit longer. You can also cut the neck portion to widen the neckline and add some fancy laces to set off the complete charming crop top aura. A pro tip, always stretch the clothing for a more crafty look. This will also make your new crop top look like an original piece.

Don’t be behind with the trends, and be sure to know some Thrifty and Trendy Fashion DIYs that will surely be a hit in your wardrobe.

3. Tie it Up Crop Top

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A more creative and attractive way of cutting your shirt is the ‘tie it up crop top’. You can follow the DIY crop top process, except that the front portion needs to be cut in a V- pattern. The V-shape will then be cut in the middle to be used as the tie-up. Just like the previous-mentioned methods, you can also cut the neck portion and the sleeves to elevate a chic style. And there you have it, a fashionable ensemble for your captivating OOTD.

4. Chic Workout Tank Top

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If you’re looking for a chic workout tank, then it’s time to modify your old-fashioned loose shirt into a workout tank top. To begin with, cut the sleeves, and widen the neck portion. The extensive neckline will be used to easily tie up the back portion. Aside from the cutting the sleeves and neckline, you can also glam up the style by creating an asymmetrical hemline. Unto the back area, you can tie them directly or braid them for a more creative look. If you have extra ribbons, then you can also add them to your DIY workout tank top.

5. Cold Shoulder Shirt

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Another captivating trend in the world of fashion is the cold shoulder style. This style is very popular among all ages, which is also associated with off-the shoulder fashion. Creating this charming cold shoulder top is very easy as you will only be needing scissors. Yes, just one tool and you’re good to go for an attractive OOTD. You can either cut the shoulder area way too wide or cut them small to reveal a little skin. This cute and simple way of cutting your shirt is an effortless DIY to reinvent you old favorites. Well, who needs an expensive cold shoulder top when you can actually create your own style. It’s just about being creative and thrifty at the same time!

6. Ruffles Tube

Source: The Sewing Rabbit

For a more sophisticated style of cutting your shirt, you should try the ruffles tube top. Making this go-to fashion ensemble could be difficult, and may need extra time and effort. But of course, the end product will definitely be worth it. Making this rather complicated yet sophisticated style starts off by choosing a simple tee, and turning it inside out. Then, fold the hemline at least 5- 6 inches. The folded area will be used as the ruffle of your tube top. Now, sew the folded area but make sure to leave an extra inch and pull it tightly to create ruffles. Cut the neckline portion that will now be the bottom of your top. And since the tee is turned inside out, you also need to the trim the sides and sew them smoothly. There you have it, your own ruffles tube top ideal for any summer outing.

Aside from this DIY ruffles tube, you can also create your own tulle skirt. Check out this step-by-step guide in Making a Tulle Skirt.

7. Back Baring V-shaped

Source: Selene Kiss

A great way to accentuate your toned back is to creatively cut the back area into an inverted V-shape. This shirt cutting is very simple to follow as you will just create a slit at the back of the shirt. Then, create a Velcro style on one side, and cut down the cloth to highlight the attractive angle behind. So, you’re now off to receive all the attention your back deserves.

8. Slit Back Top

Source: Fashion Lady

To add some back baring outfits to your wardrobe, you can create a slip back top. Though there are a lot of ways to feature your flawless back, one of the easiest ways is to craft a simple yet sensual slit on the back portion of a loose shirt. It is best to use baggy shirts than fitted ones, but of course, it will still depend on your preferences. Once you created the slit, you can sew the sides. The slit will surely be a breath of fresh air to your fashion style, and you can pair this top with your skinny jeans or leggings.

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