Spring Makeup Trends of 2024

Hello everyone! It has been quite a time, even maybe more than a few weeks already, since we posted a beauty and make-up related article on our blog. And since 2019 started almost already one month ago – that time surely flows fast, right? – we decided to share the beauty and make-up secrets and trends of 2019 with you all. We will be talking mostly about the spring and summer 2019 trends. If you are a true beauty and make-up enthusiast, you can take this article as a simple guide for buying some new interesting products or you can be inspired and try to re-create the mentioned make-up looks. But do not forget! If you would like to achieve not only the pretty but healthy skin too, you have to start within your body and pay attention to your skincare routine as well. Keep in mind, that nothing is for free. Well, with all of this said, let´s already dig into it! Shall we?

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Different Colour Combination

Vivid pink eyes, bold lips painted with a vibrant red colour or maybe the thick cobalt blue eyeliner with the neon green lips? The colours you pick are absolutely and ultimately up to you. In the end, you will be the one wearing this unordinary yet artistic creation of yours. Take down the walls and let your fantasy work to the fullest.

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Colourful Topcoat Mascaras

Is your eye make-up the most visible part of your whole face? Then we recommend you to go ahead and have fun with the different coloured topcoat mascaras which can be applied both ways – as a normal mascara on the eyelashes or on the already applied mascara for a better definition and deeper look. Pick your the most favourite colour and let´s see what will your surroundings say about this newest spring and summer 2019 make-up trend! You never know! Maybe your friends or family members will be inspired as well!

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Popped-up blush and bold lips

If you prefer to define your lips and cheeks more than the rest of the face, this look will be definitely the right one for you. Pick up your the most favourite colour of the blush and spread it all over your cheeks. You can go a bit beyond too so the blush will literally look like „popped-up“ out of somewhere. Combine this look with the bold lips in a familiar shade as the blusher is and that is it! All done! You can leave your eyes unpainted or use a light layer just for defining them.

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Lime your life a bit!

Lime-coloured eyeliner or the eyeshadows have become a huge thing this year! Vibrant neon yellow-green could have been seen not only on the models on the fashion runways but also on the everyday people on the streets. If you would like to brighten your life a bit and make yourself to feel a bit summery too, let´s try to look for the lime-shaded make-up products in the near drugstores. But be aware of the fact, that this colour is better suitable for the warm undertones and darker shades of the skin. The eyeliner in this colour can turn a person with a pale skin into someone who looks very tired and exhausted. But, on the other hand, make-up should be mostly about experimenting and having fun, right? If you feel like going for it, we are counting on you!

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Nothing but Ruby Lips

Another spring and summer 2019 make-up trend is a bit minimal as well. In this case, your face should be defined with only the bold, especially ruby lips. But the colour of the lipstick is up to you, of course. It is just that the rest of the face should be kept as natural as possible. Light mascara layer, maybe a light blushed and a bit of defined eyebrows is enough.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Extended Unordinary Eyeliner

Do you belong to the category of people who just can´t imagine not wearing the eyeliner every day? Are you one of those who just live for the eyeliner? Well, some of us are, too. And we totally understand! Eyeliner is something like a second skin or face for us. Without it being painted, we may feel naked or somehow similar. If you feel the same, we have good news for yours. Experimenting with this kind of make-up and extending it is one of this year´s trends! Now you can try everything you have been dreaming about! No boundaries ahead! Go for it, girl!

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Virgin brows

If you are one of those lucky people who wear born with just on fleek eyebrows, we would like to congratulate you. Virgin eyebrows trend is back in the game so it means that you do not have to do almost anything to keep it neat. You can be confident with them just looking natural. If you would like to define them in any way, an eyebrow pencil or browcara will do the thing. And if you were not born with the amazing eyebrows – as well as some of us – do not be sad. You can still paint it in a natural way so nobody else, except for you and your close friends, will see the difference. It is just about the right skill 🙂

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Glitter on the Eyes

We do not know about you but we just L-O-V-E glitters. In any way, on everything, in every single colour, shade, shape etc. Glitters are just amazing and can refresh everything – even your make-up! Try to experiment with them more and use them maybe on the top of your lipgloss, eyebrows, eyeshadows or even on the cheeks! They not only refresh your make-up look, but they will also lift up your mood and brighten your day!

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Get your freckles on!

Do you have freckles? What about your relationship with them? Do you like having them uncovered or you rather cover them up? Well, for those who just love them, we have great news – the freckle trend is still going on. And if you do not have them but you have been longing for them for almost ever, there will not be any problem to naturally paint them, right? With a light brown eyeshadow, you can create them easily!

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