5 Outrageously Expensive Designer Handbags in the World

When we talk about designer handbags, purses, or whatever you call them, you just can’t deny the fact that these fashion pieces could be worth more than the normal monthly salary range. Despite the very costly value, these timeless or trendy items have become a staple in every woman’s fashion ensemble. And since most of these pieces are downright expensive, you can’t find them on local shops or online platforms. Some are limited collections that should be to ordered directly from the manufacturer. You may have to go through the not-so-normal purchasing processes, and may even have to go an extra mile just to acquire these exceptional items.

Well, the sacrifice, and not to mention, the money, are all worth it once you get a hand of these exquisitely and outrageously expensive fashion pieces. And to give you a glimpse of the extravagant world of fashion, we’ve rounded up some of the most costly handbags and purses of all time. After reading this article, you might need to start saving to buy your favorite designer pieces.

Mouawad Handbags

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Sold at a staggering price of $3.8 Million, this exceptional purse is seriously a fashion masterpiece, making it the most expensive purse in the whole world. The purse was designed by Robert Mouawas, and was hand made by 10 extremely professional artisans. They exerted 8,800 hours to put up the 18 kt gold engraved with 4,517 diamonds. The finished creation was called as the 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, and was unveiled by the co-guardians of the House of Mouawad during the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition in 2011. Mouawad has been a prominent designer house over the years, and has created a lot of Guiness-worthy fashion pieces.

Hermes Handbags

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Second on the list is the $1.9 million Hermes Birkin bag created by the renowned Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. Hermes is a very popular fashion brand, not just in Paris, but in the whole word. They are known for their rather expensive collections that are chased by celebrity stars and royal icons. Aside from their luxury bags, they also create high-class shoes, sandals, watches, and many more.

For this particular high-priced Birkin bag, it is quite an exception. Such intricate creation features 2, 000 white diamonds on the exterior, and comes with a diamond sling that can also be used as a necklace or bracelet. To top it all, the platinum-colored purse flaunts the 8-karat diamond centerpiece, which can be worn as a brooch. Over all, the unique combination of platinum and diamonds is a definite multi-functional sight to behold. And not only that, Hermes created another expensive handbag in the name of ‘Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag’, which is worth $120, 000. The bag was particularly created for singer/ actress Jane Brikin, and was crafted from intricate crocodile leather designed with white diamonds.

Chanel Handbags

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Of course, Chanel will always be one of the well-loved designer brands in the whole world. And with that, they have created an exceptionally expensive handbag— the ‘Diamonds Forever’. From the name itself, this handbag is adorned with more that 300 fine diamonds. The 3.65 carats diamonds are then engraved into the fascinating crocodile leather, warranting a whopping price of $261, 000. And if you want to own such high-priced item, be it known that there are only 13 pieces made.

Handbags necessarily don’t need to be every expensive. It’s just a matter of knowing how to immaculately match it to your outfit. Mix and match is unquestionably very important in creating a captivating OOTD. And if you can’t afford to buy designer collections, that’s not a problem! You can innovate and be creative at the same time. And to give you an idea of the bags that will be rocking this year, check out The Best Bag Trends for Spring 2017. You should also own one of the Timelessly Classic Handbags that Never Go Out of Style.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

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Louis Vuitton has been in the fashion industry since 1854, and no wonder it is one of the most notable designer houses up to the present time. The brand is always committed in creating striking pieces that is seriously worth every penny. Ranging from bags to shoes, and anything under the sun, Louis Vuitton has something for every fashion maven. These items come in series of shapes, colors, and styles, but all of which are brilliantly crafted.

And to prove their extreme creativeness, the designer house created a one of a kind piece— the Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag, which is worth $150,000. This rather bizarre handbag is made up of recycled pieces like cigarette packs, water bottles, band-aid, chewing gum wrapper, and any trash you could think of. Though this bag seems to belong in the trash bin than in a woman’s wardrobe, you just can’t deny that it was created by the ever iconic LV.

Lana Marks Handbags

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If you want a very unique handbag, then might as well consider the renowned Lana Marks. Lana Marks is considered as the queen of alligator handbags, which is also the fashion house behind the iconic Cleopatra clutch series. The brand only creates one special Cleopatra bag every year, and the highly coveted piece of the Cleopatra series is the metallic silver hue clutch encrusted with over 1, 000 black and white fine diamonds. Charlize Theron was given the honor to wear the exclusive handbag during her Oscar 2004 stint. Though the brand is known for its crafted alligator skins, Lana Marks also features lizard and ostrich for their handbag designs. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have donned the special pieces during their red carpet looks.

Aside from these overly pricey purses, there are also a handful of expensive jewelry pieces worn in the red carpet. The top on the list was the iconic ‘Heart of the Ocean’ worn by Gloria Stuart, the actress who played the elder Rose in the movie Titanic.

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