Essential Handbag Colors for a Completely Compatible Wardrobe

Although a black bag that matches everything is convenient, it’s also not the height of fashion innovation. And don’t you crave some style surprises? Keep reading if you want to know what color handbags go with everything. Two fashion experts have provided a rainbow-of-options to spice up any look. Continue reading to learn about handbags from fashion stylist Elizabeth Tamkin. Lifestyle expert and Life In Lilac’s founder Jen Reed will also provide additional tips.


Yellow is a very versatile color when it comes to accessories. Recently, I bought a yellow Telfar handbag and it brings a smile on my face every time I look at it. I love to pair yellow handbags, especially with neutral clothes and gold jewelry.


Go for a green bag if you really want to experiment with colors. Do you need some shopping advice? Reed loves this affordable Telena bag that comes in many colors. She says, “I love emerald-green moments and this bag doesn’t disappoint.” The croc-print gives the bag texture and makes it look luxe. You can pair this bag with anything, from a jacket to sweats at the weekend. It has become one of my favorite bags!


Purple handbags come in a variety of shades, from vibrant lilac to deep magenta. The darker purples are neutral while the pastel versions are more statement-making. Bottom line: A purple handbag can make any outfit look more fun and cheerful.


Orange comes in a variety of shades, from bright citrus tones to burnt tones. Orange is an incredibly versatile color. While it can be worn all year round, I like to use my orange handbags in the summer months.


Handbags made of white in any size or shape can look chic and stylish as a clutch for a date, or as a larger bag to travel with. Also, white looks great in many different materials, such as silk, leather or hemp. Combine a white bag and bright colors like red heels, patterned jackets, trendy neon makeup, or nails.

Pale Blue

Pale blue has a similar look to white, but it is a little more vibrant. It goes with almost everything. How do we know this? Think about your favorite pair jeans. It’s a neutral color that goes well with solids, prints or neutrals. A pale blue handbag goes well with jeans and a beige sweater, or faux leather pants and oversized knit sweaters. A pale suede clutch looks great with a lacy dress for the evening or a beachy maxi.


Reed says, “I like to incorporate a red bag into a neutral outfit.” It’s bold and chic. It’s timeless. This bag is the perfect way to add life to an outfit.

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