Top 10 Spring Handbag Trends to Splurge On This Season

One of the ways to keep life interesting is by adding the latest bag trends for spring into our accessory rotation. Even the most cloudy of days can be brightened by a pop of color or whimsical appliques. Even those who like their accessories to be subtle, black, and streamlined will find something in the latest spring bag trends.

This spring, runways and styles on trend are more varied than ever. This spring, the trends are more varied than ever before. The 10 bag trends that are coming up will blow you away with their fresh spring air. They include classic silhouettes updated with modern flair and throwback styles reimagined.

Bold Gold Hand Hardware

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This spring’s bag trend will change that. Gold hardware, from clever clips to locks and keys with high shine will appeal to trend-setters and lovers of timeless accessories.

Flashy Florals

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Flowers for spring don’t have to be groundbreaking but they can make a statement. Designers have created a magical garden this season with colorful metallic appliques. They add enchantment and sophistication without sacrificing style.

Wristlet Redux

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Spring has given a fresh look to the humble wristlets from the early 2000s. This season’s wristlets are no longer minimalist and wallet-like. They feature organic shapes with bold bracelet-style chain and eye-catching textures such as supple leather or summer-ready, raffia.

Two Tone Texture

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Contrast is chic, but not at the expense of contrast. Designers have opted for two-toned bags and purses with multiple textures this spring instead of color-blocking. This is the most innovative spring bag trend that we have seen. It combines raffia with canvas, leather, resin and other materials to create a truly unique take on classic silhouettes.

Chic Charms

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Chic charms are a trend that lets you show off both your style and taste. There are many ways to incorporate this trend in your accessory collection. From Y2K whimsy to nostalgic baubles and metallic fringes that evoke a fine jewelry feel, there are many options. Fashion girls on a tight budget can add designer bag charms onto their favorite top-handle or crossbody purse.

Knotty By Nature

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Knotted top handle bags, one of the spring bag trends that are more minimalist and streamlined, represent quiet luxury. Knot details on top handles and straps elevate slouchy or sleek silhouettes, proving that trends can be subtle and sophisticated.

Chain Gang

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Shiny chains can be seen on many crossbody bags. But they are now the focus of this bag trend. Chains are used as an adornment on many of the spring’s most popular bags, rather than a functional feature. What is the result of this change from form to function? The result of this shift from function to form?

Big Bamboo Energy

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This is the bag trend of spring for those who love classic bags with a twist. Subtle details of bamboo add a new twist to classic styles like top-handle bags and satchel bags without compromising their timeless appeal.

Top Notch Handles

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Top-handle bag styles are in fashion this spring. We predicted it during New York Fashion Week, and the trends of this spring have confirmed our prediction. Designers like Etro, Loewe and Tory Burch have made it possible to embrace this trend without sacrificing space. This style is much larger than the top-handle bags from previous seasons. It has plenty of space for your essentials.

Full Transparency

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Do not be fooled — the clear bags that are in this season are far from the PVC fanny pack-approved concert bag. The spring see-through bags are not only transparent, but also come in subtle colors and embellishments.

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