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9 Unexpected Festival Fashion Trends for Summer and Beyond

Fashion at festivals is often given a bad name. Some will claim that it is all about influencers posing with their footwear and head-to toe polyester in front of an iconic Ferris Wheel. There’s some truth to that, as festival costumes aren’t subtle, particularly at Coachella. These costumes are bold, outrageous and trend-forward, to the point of being absurd. They often include a lot of glitter.

Coachella has also had some style hits. The festival popularized what is now an iconic flower crown. The festival gave us a whole new appreciation for crochet. It would not be the same if body jewelry was absent. In recent years, the fashion industry’s most popular festival has changed in terms of style. Denim short shorts, tie-dye and tie-dye have been replaced by jeans and loose tees. Concert-goers can choose to dress casually, vintage, retro, futuristic, country or in a country style. Everyone seems to want to express their individuality more than they care about any particular look.

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Retro aesthetics were dominant, as celebs and influencers alike looked to the past for their inspiration. Travis Kelce is one of Coachella’s most talked about fashion moments. He wears breezy layers that evoke 1990s grunge skater style. The Super Bowl champion, who is usually known for his bold fashion choices and trends, opted for a relaxed look.

Lana Del Rey’s performance was another standout in terms of style. She wore a dress and makeup inspired by the ’60s, with a blue sky that would have made Priscilla proud. The experience was nostalgic: digital cameras from Y2K became the “it” accessory in 2024. Gwen Stefani, who headlined the event, and Keisha’s surprise cameo stole the show. Paris Hilton performed a surprise set at the Absolut.LAND tent to celebrate the return Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink, the pink Cosmo.

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The year 2024 will be a time when people embrace personal style, comfort and experimentation in greater numbers than ever before. Experts agree. The experts agree.

The pair’s advice is simple: “Be inspired first by yourself” when it comes time to dress for festivals. Wayman says, “Be sure to have a clear idea of who you are.” When it comes time to create your look, you will shine through.

We’ve compiled the top festival fashion trends for this summer.

Cowboy Couture reigned supreme

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Coachella was awash in western styles this year. Cowboy boots, vests and hats are all part of the western look. This trend is not slowing down. Expect more yeehaw style to be seen in the months to come, through the summer and beyond. Micah says, “Our president Beyonce kind of dictated it.”

Spotted Animal Print

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This past weekend, you could see cheetahs, leopards, and even snakes at all Coachella sets. People went wild, whether it was a hangover of the mob-wife trend from winter or a shift towards indie sleaze. Style with reckless abandon.

The Sports Jersey is a Fashion Trend

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This festival season, the Blokecore movement — which was inspired by soccer fans – really took off. It’s easy to see why. The jerseys are breathable and sweat-friendly. They also make a great, unexpected match with the trendy girly styles. Combine with bloomers or mini skirts to create a cute and sporty look.

Country Coquette

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This hyper-feminine interpretation is called Western style Country Coquette. Simply put: Dolly Parton and Lana del Rey. This look is perfect for a weekend brunch at Absolut Cosmo, chilling out in VIP or stepping up front and center on the main stage. All you need is some glamour, a bit of cowgirl and a lot of coquette.

All At Once, Sheer Everywhere

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Coachella attendees embraced the sheer look, which has been a popular trend on red carpets and runways for several years. Whether it was delicate lace or see-through chiffon or crochet, festival goers layered their outfits like professionals, embracing its subtle sexiness.

Seeing Double Denim

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This might appear to be another Western-inspired trend, but it’s not. The Canadian tuxedo has been in the spotlight, whether it was a denim jacket paired with jeans or an awesome matching set. What’s the best part? This trend is easy to adopt with the things you already have. Mix and match your favorite denims.

The Year of the Festival Belt

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This year, everyone wore belts. Belts were everywhere this year, whether it was a belt buckle with a boho vibe or a cowgirl belt buckle.

Minimalism for It Girl

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Sometimes, less is more. If everyone is dressed in their best festival attire, you can stand out by wearing an understated look. This year, it girls chose graphic tees and baggy pants to body jewelry and glitter over ribbed white tank tops and ribbed white shirts.

Vintage Treasures

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The festival circuit is the perfect place to display your new thrift finds. Upcycling is a great way to show off your unique style and embrace it this summer.

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