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Styling Tips for Clogs: Embracing Fashion’s Forgotten Chunky Shoes

Celebs and fashion girls alike are obsessed with chunky, clunky footwear. From boxy sneakers to platform sandals stacked on top of each other, they can’t get enough. The underrated, ultra-comfortable clog is one of the most popular styles. The cozy clog is versatile, reliable, and dare we even say chic. Once you learn how to wear them, you won’t look back.

Clogs are traditionally made of wood but now they come in many styles and materials. They can be lightweight, luxurious, or even edgy. Clogs have an open-back design, similar to mules. However, unlike their cousins with open-toes, they tend to be a certain silhouette. They are chunky and sturdy. Think again if you think chunky and chic don’t mix. The runways of Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten as well as Balmain, Chloe and others have featured big boxy clogs. How you wear your clogs is the key to elevating them. There are many cool ways to style clogs.

We’ve put together 11 cool ways to wear clogs with shorts, dresses and stylish separates that you probably already own. It’s time to slip on your clogs and embrace this year of chunky shoes.

Sporty Street Style

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Crocs is the brand responsible for the sporty clogs that have become a staple in the fashion world. Subversion is something we love, so a look that mixes abstract patterns and colorful athletic clogs like the one shown above is perfect for us.

Choose a signature shade

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Clogs are available in many different shades, from neutrals through to neons or candy colors. Picking a pair of vibrant clogs and creating a monochromatic outfit around them is a great way to make a clog look stylish. If you want to keep your “fit” feeling symphonic and not just one color, use multiple shades of the chosen colour.

Change Sneakers

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Wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans or relaxed-fitted jeans with a shirt buttoned down and clogs that are neutral in color or made from suede or leather will make you look casual and stylish. The clogs are a great way to dress up a pair of blue jeans.

Ground An Airy Summer Dress

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Clogs can solve the problem of finding the perfect pair of shoes for a sheer or gauzy summer dress. A pair of wooden clogs with a rugged appearance will add a base of visual interest to any dress, even if it is sheer or gauzy. They also make accessorizing easy.

How to Style a Shirtdress

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Pair the practicality of a shirtdress with the feel of clogs to create a strikingly stylish look. We recommend low-heeled clogs with short-hemmed shirts dresses as a rule. This is especially true if it’s a windy or rainy day.

Try Pearly white

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Although black and brown clogs tend to be the most popular, we love how a pair or two of off-white or white clogs can elevate an outfit. A pair of pale-colored clogs can be worn as a substitute for pumps at daytime events. They look great with a stylish trench coat and midi dress.

Keep It Classic

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Wood-heeled and studded classic clogs are timeless, especially when paired with basic business casual pieces like trousers, blazers or the always-chic Tweed Dress. Keep this look layered, and make sure your outerwear matches the color of the clogs.

Style Shorts

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A casual weekend outfit featuring denim shorts will help you ease into wearing clogs. We recommend wearing a lightweight summer jacket or a long-sleeved tee to balance out the bulkiness of your clogs.

Deliver Dreamy Feelings

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A romantic smocked gown and wooden or platform clogs will take you back to simpler times. Clogs are a great alternative to ballet flats, sandals or pumps. They offer a unique cottagecore style and strike the perfect balance between comfortability and functionality.

Add Oversized Outerwear

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Platform clogs with a high stack require an equally bold outerwear. Grab your biggest clogs, and the heaviest denim jacket for a casual look. What’s underneath? Hot pants perhaps? Maybe a mini-dress with a little slink? You could wear nothing. You decide!

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