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13 Stylish Combinations of Dresses with Sandals for a Refreshing Look

Pedicure season is here. Chelsea boots are no longer a good option to hide winter-calloused heels. We are now in the season of dresses, sandals, and frocks. We’ve been waiting for quite some time to wear our cute dresses and open-toed sandals, but this doesn’t make it easy to pull together.

Sandals fall into two main categories: casual and chic. Flip-flops are more difficult to style for formal events. While dresses can be dressed up or down by adding the right outer layer and accessories, flip-flops are harder to style. Stilettos are also a good option. They’re not meant for the beach, even if they are paired with a T-shirt dress. There are many ways to combine luxe sandals and casual dresses, or vice versa. You just need to know how to put the pieces together.

These 13 outfits for dress and sandals are a masterclass on this style combination that can be confusing. You will now be able to step out in style during pedicure season.

Platform Slides with Stripes

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This street-style dress and sandals combination combines timelessness with trendiness to create a street style symphony. Simple platform slides lengthen the look of the maxi dress with stripes. This style was popular in the early 2000s for open-toed footwear and is now making a comeback.

Sheer Crochet and Strappy Flats

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A crocheted dress with intricate details is an eye-catcher in its own right. It requires a sandal that matches its style without drawing attention. The strappy leather sandals are the perfect combination of elevated and understated, so your dress’s crochet work can take center stage.

Sandals with Delicate Details and Knee Highs

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Mini dresses with delicate details like fringe, embroidery or other small embellishments worn with gladiator heels or knee-high sandals are perfect for semi-formal events or nights on the town. Keep your dress, sandals and accessories all in the same family of colors to create a cohesive and eye-catching look.

Wooden Heels and Delicate Ruffles

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Boho is back! This iconic style, characterized by airy dresses, chunky wooden sandals and a relaxed attitude, is a great inspiration for OOTDs. The boho vibe is stronger with longer, more relaxed dresses and chunkier sandals. However, you can get the same effect by wearing midi-length dresses and heels that are slightly less clunky.

Sporty Sandals with Embellishments

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The practicality of athletic or sport sandals can balance out embellished dresses that are too extravagant. Dresses with a more relaxed fit are best paired with hiking sandals. However, if you want to add more casual vibes, wear a white tee underneath an embellished short.

Summer Whites With Woven Wedges

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We’re happy to oblige. Lightweight summer dresses are practically begging to be worn with raffia espadrilles or wedge sandals. We recommend strappy wedges or platform wedges for more casual white dresses. Fitted or formal dresses look great with woven wedges that have sleek silhouettes.

Moody Florals and Fisherman Sandals

image 9 21

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The Doc Martens pair shown above are rugged and casual. Fisherman sandals, on the other hand, can be chic and sophisticated. Either style looks great with a floral maxi. We recommend choosing floral prints with dark or tropical tones for this style.

A LBD with Lace-Ups

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It’s always fun to decide what shoes go with a black gown. Little black dresses are timeless and deserve sandals that are equally timeless. The perfect sandals to wear with any LBD style are lace-up sandals tied at the ankles using ribbons or straps. Low block-heel and wedge lace-ups look great with a mini-dress in black. These sandals will give you “legs for a day” without making your feet hurt like higher heels.

Flip-Flops with Fun Prints

image 9 27

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Flip-flops are not a very stylish option. Platform sandals, however, are a stylish choice that is elevated, literally. They go well with long dresses and curve-hugging styles. Wearing a vibrant and fun print maxi with this style of sandals will bring out the carefree spirit.

Sleek Lines And Statement Sandals

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A pair of high-heeled sandals with sculptural details will give a clean-lined long-sleeved midi dress a stylish boost. This dress and sandals formula is foolproof, allowing for endless creative experimentation. The more sleek the dress is, the daringer the sandals should be! — be.

Laced and Lug Soles

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Dresses with sandals that are paired with chunky soled lug sandals or a lacy mini dress will benefit from the high contrast. Pair your daintiest dress with your chunkiest sandals. Just make sure to keep the outfit coordinated and stick to one neutral color scheme.

Cottagecore & Chunky Platforms

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A loose-fitting dress worn with chunky heels is just as romantic and edgy. This look is inspired by both the street-style toughness and soft-focus Cottagecore whimsy. Both the dress and sandals will keep you comfortable on your busiest days of leisure and errands.

Minimal Flats and a Silky Maxi

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This dress and sandals ensemble might appear to be a mix of high and low-brow elements at first glance. But it is 100% luxe. The elegant cut-out sandals are the perfect complement to a silky slipdress with an equally luxurious energy. Perfect for a date night or summer party.

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