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7 Simple Styling Tips for Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are incredibly versatile and flattering to the figure. They deserve a place on your A-list. Faux leather is the rockstar fabric of all fabrics. It offers an alternative to real leather that’s cruelty-free and delivers all of the high fashion without affecting your conscience.

You don’t need to be a Jagger to wear faux leather. Leggings make it easy to slip into the slick, supple material. They are a wardrobe essential. Leather leggings are a great way to stay comfortable and look stylish. They can be worn to work or to any other after-hours plans. The sleek, simple design can be worn in many different ways.

If you want to embrace your grungier side, pair the patent pants up with a motorcycle coat and an oversized t-shirt. A structured peplum shirt instantly elevates leather pants. A crisp white shirt with a button-down collar keeps the look business casual. You can score extra points by finding leggings with a glossy finish, or in highly pigmented colors like emerald and oxblood.

We’ve put together the 7 best outfits to wear leather leggings.

A White Button-Down Shirt

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When worn with leather leggings and a crisp, white oxford shirts, this two-piece ensemble looks polished and well put together. This look exudes confidence, and it’s easy to wear. Complete your look with bold gold hoops and a vibrantly colored clutch.

Cozy Chic

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Leather leggings allow you to have style and comfort. Wear your favorite athleisure, or loungewear that is oversized with leather leggings to balance your outfit and keep it from looking too casual.

Leather on Leather

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Wear leather leggings and a leather corset inspired by Angelina Jolie to look like a rebellious girl rockstar. It may look daring and edgy but this look is surprisingly easy to put together. Try pairing your leggings and an edgy shirt like a corset or vest for extra visual contrast.

In Bold Burgundy

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Why not try a pair of burgundy leather leggings instead of your usual black? Combine them with matching outerwear and a blouse for a monochromatic look. You’ll not only maintain the comfort of your leggings but also stand out in the crowd.

In Patent Leather

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If, like Wednesday Addams, you can’t stand any other color than black or dark brown, opt for the high-shine version of patent leather to create a striking outfit. A cropped black top will enhance the leggings silhouette while gold statement jewellery adds even further glitz to the patent leather’s shiny sheen.

Blazer and Cami

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Wear your favorite leather leggings with a fitted blazer in lace and you’ll have the perfect look for office sirens. This outfit can be your go-to for transitioning from the boardroom into brunch.

Structured peplum blouse

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The leather leggings are a perfect match for sculptural shirts. Try a more structured top instead of a fitted one. A tweed shirt with a peplum takes center stage anchored by slim leggings. You can then swing around in your outfit as if you were on your own runway.

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