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Adriana La Cerva of ‘The Sopranos’ Sets the Standard for Mob Wife Fashion

Move over, clean girl aesthetic. The minimalist vibes of your old For You Page are no longer relevant. A new trend is in town. If you’re tired of slicked back buns and barely there makeup, rejoice! The bold “mobwife” trend will shake up your moodboard. Adriana La Cerva, from The Sopranos, is the perfect example of this overtly glamorous style. Adriana, played by Drea de Mateo and girlfriend of Christopher Moltisanti in the American Mafia Series, had a great sense of style, despite her legal problems. She’s the perfect example of Fashion TikTok‚Äôs latest obsession, unabashed maximalism.

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The mob wife trend is akin to the “frazzled English woman” trend. It thrives on imperfections. It’s a little rough around its edges but it has a certain authenticity and rawness that makes it appear authentic. It was only a question of time until we all embraced the grandeur that is exemplified by the nostalgia crime drama set in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Adriana’s hip-hugging shapes, bold prints, and dramatic hair and make-up are all part of her feminine appeal.

She is a devotee of form-fitting clothing and avoids oversized looks. Instead, she opts for tight snakeskin pants with a patent leather dress, or statement workout sets. She’s a fan of animal prints and embraces a sensual look with voluminous waves, a signature smoky-eye, and an array amped-up outfits. In this universe of style, leopard is considered a neutral. (This is our cue to put the beige on hold). Adriana’s audacious line includes cheetah-striped co-ords and vintage Roberto Cavalli slip dresses featuring the full-on face and body of a tiger.

Gold jewelry is a must-have for the iconic character. Gold hoops, gold bangles and iced out rings are all symbols of not-so quiet luxury. It’s time to make the most of your opportunity. Make your showy, delicious stacks a real thing. Think again if you thought this meant reducing your handbags. Instead, add a splash of logomania to your look by adding a statement bag from your favorite Italian fashion house. The final step? Vintage fur, and of course a red-hot mani.

What’s the plan? Doesn’t matter. According to TikToker, @maleyanichole, weekend errands can be a good excuse to dress as if you were going to your ex-partner’s funeral. Adriana’s iconic style was evident whether she was at the gym or playing tennis. We should dress as if we are being watched by the FBI. You can borrow her coiffed-updos, and saucy nails. This is the opposite of understated minimalism and proves that more can be more.

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