9 Manicurist-Approved Tricks to Speed Up Nail Polish Drying

Freshly painted nails are the best way to feel brand-new. But with great manicures comes the time-sucking waiting game of having to sit still as your nails dry. Gel manicures have sped up the process so that you can leave the salon with clean, smudge-free nails. With traditional nail polish you have to wait 15-30 minutes for it to dry.

There are a few things you can try to speed up the drying process of nail polish. Three manicurists shared their top tips. Here are the secrets for reducing your nail polish’s drying time by half.

Apply Polish Thin Layers

One of the easiest methods to speed up nail polish drying is by applying thin layers. Mesa advises that when applying nail lacquer, it is best to apply thin layers. This will ensure an even and smooth application as well as a faster drying time. You only need three thin strokes: one in the middle and two on either side of the nail. She says that as a general rule, you should always remove the excess polish from your nail polish brush to prevent the polish from looking streaky or bumpy when applied. This can also speed up the drying process.

Allow a few minutes between each layer of polish

It is better to wait between each coat of nail polish, even if you are looking for your nails to dry quickly. Hanna recommends a time between one and two minutes, depending on what type of nail polish you are using. She explains that spacing out the time between layers allows the previous layer to dry and make it easier to apply the next layer. If you apply two coats quickly, the polish will shift, resulting in an uneven and streaky finish.

How to Use a Dryer

It’s no coincidence that almost all nail salons have dryers. They work. Hanna says that nail dryers help the solvents to evaporate faster. Make sure that the airflow is at a distance safe from the nail to prevent any accidental smudging. Huber-Millet says that six inches should be enough. When it comes to temperature, a low setting of cool is best for optimal drying.

Choose Quick-Dry Formulas

This innovation allows colored polishes to dry quickly. Huber-Millet believes that quick dry formulas can reduce drying time with their fast solutions. These magical products evaporate the solvents in a flash, leaving nails dry in a matter of minutes. But it’s important to check what is in the formula.

Hanna likes the quick-dry formulas, and thinks they are a great way to do your nails quickly and easily. She calls Dazzle Dry a four-step formula “the best quick-drying formulation out there”. It is easy to apply and remove, wears like a gel and dries solid in five minutes.

Stick to Sheer Formulations and Lighter Shades

The darker the shade of nail polish, the longer it will take to dry. When time is an issue, choose lighter, transparent shades that contain less pigments to guarantee they dry quickly. Hanna says that lighter shades dry faster because they are applied in fewer layers and have a thinner overall thickness. Sheer polish can be used when you’re in a hurry and need to do a quick manicure. Mesa says that glitter nail polishes are a good alternative for those in a hurry.

Use Ice

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Hanna says that, despite what you might think, dipping your fingertips in ice-cold water causes the polish molecules to constrict, causing the polishes to harden more quickly. Fill a large bowl up with ice, and then add ice-cold, icy water. Then, carefully dip your fingertips into the water (after applying the topcoat), for a few moments, without hitting the ice or each other. She says that to prevent the polish from smudging you should make sure it’s somewhat dry, and gently pat dry afterwards. The nails will be dry if you see tiny water beads on the plate.

Hanna says that you can get the same effect by putting your hands into a freezer. However, she doesn’t think it is as effective as a bath of ice water. Keep in mind, however, that ice drying methods aren’t foolproof. They can sometimes only dry out the top layer and not the underlayer, so your nails may still smudge.

Apply Drying Sprays or Drops

The topcoats or sprays that dry nail polish don’t actually reduce the drying time as many people believe. Hanna says that these products are more protective than they are drying agents. They can make it appear that the polish has dried when in fact it is not. Be careful.

Dry Manicure

If time is an issue, you can skip a few manicure steps to speed up the drying process. Mesa recommends a dry manicure instead of soaking your nails in water. “An oily or wet nail plate may prevent nail polish from adhering, causing chipping. You should also wait until your nails are completely dry before applying any lotions or oils.

Reach For Hairspray

The experts we spoke to said that hairspray should only be used as a last resort, and with extreme caution. However, it is believed that using this product can help speed up the drying of nail polish. The only catch is that it only works on top layers of nail varnish.

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