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14 Chic Ways to Strut in Mary Janes This Spring

Mary Janes has evolved from the typical school uniform shoe. Mary Janes have been in and out fashion since the early 1900s. However, they recently experienced a resurgence. Mary Janes are a functional, yet stylish footwear that has been spotted all over the place, from New York City streets to the runway of 2023. They have become a favorite among fashion girls and celebrities alike.

Mary Janes have a closed toe, a single strap across the top, and a flat sole. Mary Janes are still popular for casual occasions. They come in many styles from pointed-toe stilettos to double-strap platforms. Want to spice up the look of your brunch? Combine low-heeled Mary Janes and colorful tights. Are you going to a fancy event? Choose metallic Mary Janes on a platform. Their timeless silhouette allows for endless styling possibilities. You can adapt them to any aesthetic, from grunge to preppy chic.

Here are 14 simple ways to wear and style Mary Janes.

Upgrade Your Denim

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Christian Vierig/Getty Images

To elevate your casual denim, swap sneakers for a pair Mary Janes with multiple straps. When paired with double-strap Mary Janes, overalls can be a chic choice. Pair this shoe style up with high-waisted denim and an off-the shoulder top for a sophisticated look.

Maxi Dress

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Mary Janes are a great match for a pair of maxi dresses. Long hemlines draw the eye down so a pair of chunky Mary Janes is perfect. The style shown above will keep you comfortable all day long and give a stylish touch to your flirty maxi.

A Pop of Color

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Mary Janes are a classic shoe that can be worn in any color. Red is a great color for this shoe, but it would also look good in other colors, such as hot pink or sky blue. Choose a pair of stiletto heels to elevate your style.


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Kirstin Snclair/Getty Images

It doesn’t get more bold than a metallic outfit from head to toe. Pair a sequin midi dress with matching Mary Janes for a glamorous look. This design is easy to style because the metallics balance each other and make styling a breeze.

Style Your Graphic Tee

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A grungy graphic top paired with classic Mary Janes in black is a winning formula. A casual T-shirt paired with elegant footwear creates a stylish outfit. Layer a graphic T-shirt with a buttoned-down shirt, satin bottoms and a satin top to complement the sophisticated look of Mary Janes.

Elevate a LBD

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Mary Janes are available in many different materials. From patent leather to Velvet, there is a Mary Jane for everyone. Pairing Mary Janes in a texture that is eye-catching, like black velvet or blue leather patent, with a little dark dress will help balance them. These shoes will enhance the minimalist look, and they are more practical than stilettos.

Style with Socks

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Mary Janes can be a problem for some, especially if they are made of patent leather. Consider wearing socks with your Mary Janes to protect your feet from blisters. This is a great way to make your shoes more comfortable. It also gives them a preppy look when worn with a knitted cardigan or pleated skirt.

Lean Into Balletcore

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Flat Mary Janes are the perfect way to finish your ballet-inspired outfits. This style is versatile and adds a touch elegance to any outfit. It’s also the most comfortable Mary Jane version to wear every day. Pair white or baby-pink Mary Janes, paired with a sheer skirt, a cropped jacket or a long-sleeved bodice. This will further the balletcore aesthetic.

Leather Skirt

image 1841

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Style a leather skirt with Mary Janes that match. Leather ballet shoes with studded buckles will give a stylish, yet casual look to a leather outfit. For a more casual date-night look, swap a pair of flats for a pair with pointed toes and block heels.

Choose Embellishments

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What was once an essential part of the school uniform is now a standout item in your outfit. Mary Janes with embellishments such as bows, rhinestones or studs will instantly transform your look from casual into glamorous. When paired with fishnets and ruffled socks, even flat designs can be made to look glamorous.

A Knit Set

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Pair velvet Mary Janes and a knitted set to create a cozy look. If you want to make a statement, pair velvet Mary Janes with patterned outfits. We recommend a low heel design in either case for maximum comfort.

With Tights

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Style your Mary Janes like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. The tights are in vogue right now, and they can be anything from pearlescent whites to vivid reds. They are perfect for creating a chic yet bold look. Choose tights that match your Mary Janes to create a cohesive look.

Preppy Chic

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Mary Janes are a classic schoolgirl style. Lean into the preppy chic look to embrace their roots. Mary Janes that have a round toe, thick buckle strap and a platform heel are classics but can be updated with a modern platform heel. Pair your Mary Janes shoes with a fitted jacket, a plaid mini-dress, or a collared dress.

Add Long Coat

image 1834

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Slingback Mary Janes give off the look of stilettos, but without the height. They are perfect for a polished yet casual look. Choose a pair of patent leather Mary Janes with multiple straps to make the style even more sophisticated. Style your slingback Mary Janes in a long coat with wide-leg pants to complete the look.

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