22 Gorgeous Natural Hairdos Perfect for Holiday Festivities

I love everything about the holidays, but I especially love wearing sequins. How could I forget about bold makeup and a stylish updo? As a naturally curly girl, I am aware of how versatile my hair can be, but I admit to being a little intimidated by the idea of trying something new. I’ve just perfected a topknot that a friend taught me.

In order to keep things simple, I chose iconic hairstyles that are always changing but still look great. Lupita Nyong’o, Yara Shahidi, Tika Sumpter and Zazie Beetz are all queens of simple red carpet hair. Celebrities like Lacy, Vernon Francois and Yara Shahidi are indeed responsible for many of the looks on red carpets. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve their style. You just need to add some embellishments, try a different part or pick up some braiding hair.

We’ve put together a list with 22 holiday party hairstyles that you can do at home. But if styling your own hair isn’t your forte, a professional hairstylist can lend a helping hand.

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The Faux Hawk

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Teyonah’s hair is always on point, and her voluminous faux-hawk is no different. This look is easy to achieve with a few bobby pins, edge control and a pick.

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Don A Headpiece

image 234

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Eris Baker looked stunning on the red carpet with this Josephine Baker inspired headpiece worn over her cornrows. You can add a pearl-encrusted hairband if you do not want to go all out glam.

Stoney Clover Lane by Lele SadoughiNylon Pearl Headband Lilac$150.00


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Keep It Classic

image 235


Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey are both capable of delivering some seriously stylish looks. This banded look is perfect for any occasion, whether you are wearing braids, locs or twists.

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Try A Pony From The 90s

image 236


You can still wear silk presses occasionally if you want to go natural. Tika Sumpter’s ’90s Pony is worth changing it up.

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Add Colorful Accessories

image 237


People often think that short hair is less versatile, but those who have worn a cropped haircut know that this is not the case. You can change the look of your hair instantly by adding clips and colorful bobbypins.

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Bantu Knots

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Bantu knots like those worn by Rihanna will be a beautiful holiday hairstyle. Cantu Shine + Sculpt Paste is the only product I use to put my hair up. It helps mold your knots into place and leaves them soft enough for you to loosen them after an event.

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Add Some Length

image 239


Dayna’s look reminds us to always play with clip-ins.

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Hip-Grazing Box Braids

image 240


Box braids have been a popular trend for years. Beyonce’s braids, which are hip-length, are so beautiful that they don’t even need to be styled.

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Pearl-Encrusted Faux Locs

image 241

Photo: Instagram

Lupita Nyong’o’s faux locs with pearls reminds us that accessories are more than just jewelry. The pearl bobby pins can be found easily and are a great way to maintain your holiday hair.

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Finger Wave Cornrows

image 242


If you don’t have the patience or the skills to braid your hair yourself, it may be necessary to go to your braider. This style can be achieved without extensions and can have jewels added to it for a dazzling effect.

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High Ponytail

image 243


Kiki Layne’s pony was on my list because it is simple and yet effortlessly glamorous. You can create the perfect ponytail with a one-dollar pack of braiding hair.

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Add Volume and Length

image 244

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Try clip-ins to add some length without having to commit. You can easily recreate Kelly Rowland’s hairstyle with clip-ins made for coily hair.

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Play with Your Hair Texture

image 245


Do you know how to braid your hair? Layne offers more beauty inspiration with this look (and a bit of nostalgia).

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Side-Swept Coils

I’ve been in the same situation. Clips are back and I recommend that you have a few sets of clips on hand. They are so beautiful, no one would know that you had a hair emergency.

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Wrap It Up

image 246


Kelly Rowland’s headwrap is a holiday glam. If you’re looking to channel your inner designer and create your own headwrap, then a fabric shop is the best place to start.

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The Pom Pom Pony

image 247


With this style, you don’t need to worry about looking too simple.

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Colorful box braids

image 248

This look is my favorite because it’s an interesting mix of texture, color and history. It also seems to be low-maintenance.

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Cropped Cornrows

image 249

Dewanda Wise’s cropped cornrows are stunning. You can either follow her example and add gold to your hair, or find the right sparkle and color for your style.

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A Bobby Pinched Ponytail

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Pins and pins. And more pins. Amandla’s crowned Pins would look great with Layne Ponytail (see Number 12).

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Box Braids with Gold Accents

image 251

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Box braids can be used as a protective style in many different ways. You can replicate Nyong’o’s gold-adorned hairstyles with a gold braiding thread.

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The Side Braid

image 252

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Janelle Monae demonstrates how to use accessories. The pearl-detailed gold bobby pins and oversized barrettes are the perfect combinations of decadence.

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The Sleek Top Knot

image 253


Rebecca Gross, celebrity stylist, always has her curls in place without a single spiral or baby hair out of position. With the right hair products and gel, you can achieve her sleek top knot with any hair type. Be careful not to overtighten your knot in the name beauty. My hair was so snatched that I couldn’t even think.

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