Master the Art of Monochrome: 26 Makeup Looks to Elevate Your Style

Monochromatic makeup might seem simple, after all, it only needs one color. But it is far from that. In recent years, the trend has evolved and is now incredibly versatile and elevated. We’ve seen on the red carpet and in our social media feeds that you can create a striking look by using a single color for your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Do you need some inspiration? We’ve found 26 monochromatic makeup styles you’ll love.

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Warm Brown Tones


@patrickta / Instagram

Lori Harvey is known for her monochrome brown makeup. The neutral eyeshadow and two-toned glossy lips go together so well. Her bronzy contour gives her face a striking definition.

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Soft Peach

image 1

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Peach is popular for monochromatic looks. You can apply a matte peach cheek and eye blush to achieve this look. Add dimension with a lip that is a little more vibrant.

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Bold Blush

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@lapetitevengeance/ Instagram

You shouldn’t be any different. We never turn down the chance to wear as much blush and we don’t think you should either. Applying a colorful blush to your cheeks and eyes will instantly give you a healthy, flushed glow. To intensify the color, cream formulas can also be blended and layered on the skin. Pur Cosmetics’ Silky Tint Multitasking Stick ($26), is a great product for monochrome moments.

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Shades of Nude

image 3

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

The nude monochromatic look can be interpreted many different ways. This version uses the same light brown shades on both lips and eyes. Add a little bronze to the eyes and cheeks to take the look up a level.

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Minimal Monochrome

image 4

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

You can make monochromatic makeup look as natural or as bold as you like. This look uses earthy, soft tones for a minimalist monochromatic look.

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Blushing beauty

image 5

@patrickta / Instagram

Alix Earle has a knack for creating trendy makeup looks. Her monochromatic blushed out makeup is a shining example. Saie Beauty Dew ($25) Blush in Baby can be used on both the cheeks and eyes to achieve this look.

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image 6

@patrickta / Instagram

We’ll be recreating this summer-ready look often. Subtly metallic lips, rosy eyelids and blushed cheeks look stunning. This doll-like look is completed with a liner on the outer corners and voluminous lashes.

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Ethereal Peach

image 7

@brittsully/ Instagram

Natural tones and luminous skin will make your monochromatic makeup look ethereal. The same peachy shade is used for the lips and cheeks, but it’s also blended in the eye crease to add definition.

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Subtle Monochrome

image 8

@brittsully/ Instagram

This is a more subtle version of Lori Harvey’s bronze glam. This look features a lightly contoured cheek and extra glossy lips.

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Glossy Highlight

image 9

@brittsully/ Instagram

Nothing is better than a highlight that’s been placed perfectly, especially when it’s lit just right. This monochromatic makeup is infused with shimmery shades that are vibrant and juicy. From the cheekbones to lips.

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Fresh Flushed

image 10

@brittsully/ Instagram

When you want a makeup look that is easy and breezy, choose something like this. This look is fresh and flushed with a light dusting of pink around the eyes and cheeks. The look is completed with a light pink gloss.

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Beautiful Bronze

image 11

@brittsully/ Instagram

This spring and summer, add a hint of bronze to a monochromatic look. This bronzed look instantly brightens up any eye color and adds a nice touch to lips and cheeks. The warm look is given an edge by lining the eyes in black.

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Dreamy Pink

image 12

@cherishbrookehill/ Instagram

You can create a variety of pink makeup looks. This one-color look is the most dreamy when you apply light pink to your lips, cheeks and eyes.

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Sharp Eyes

image 13

@cherishbrookehill/ Instagram

Add a cat-eye to your monochromatic pink look. Apply a black liquid or waterproof pencil liner along the inner and outer rims of your eyes. Extend it outwards to create a sharp edge. Finish off with a lip color of your choice and, if you want to go all out, some false lashes.

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Everyday Beauty

image 14

@cherishbrookehill/ Instagram

Warm roses are the perfect shade for the trend of single-shade makeup. Use it on your lips, cheeks, and eyes to create an elegant look that you can wear from day to night.

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Draped Monochrome

image 15

@davidrazzano / Instagram

You can make your monochromatic look even more striking by adding color to your cheeks and temples. The deep purple blush looks very retro. Apply a matte lipstick in a darker color around the lip’s perimeter, and a lighter shade at the center.

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Glossy Girl

image 16

@davidrazzano / Instagram

What is better than monochromatic makeup? Monochromatic makeup with a glossy finish. Use a little face gloss to add visual interest by applying it on your lips, cheeks and eyes. Glowerizer by LH Cosmetics ($35) adds a touch of shine and glow.

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Edgy Rust

image 17

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The warm rust shades combined with the black eyeliner give a monochromatic and edgy look. After applying your lip and eye color, add a black liner such as Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Eyeliner (32 dollars).

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Monochrome Stain

image 18

@artbyashleyrebecca / Instagram

You can make freckles look more prominent by adding color to your lips and cheeks. You can achieve this look with a multipurpose stain such as the Huda Lip Blush cream Lip & Cheek Stain in Rosy Kiss ($25).

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Pink Glow

image 19

@artbyashleyrebecca / Instagram

It’s impossible to have too much pink. This glowing pink look includes a gorgeous wash of blush over the cheeks, and a thin swipe of gloss across the lips. The flushed makeup looks really stunning in the sun.

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Sweet Milk Chocolate

image 20

@kaleteter / Instagram

Ashley Graham’s monochromatic, milk chocolate makeup is chic and seductive. We are in love with the smoky eyes. You can recreate this look with Makeup By Mario’s Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette (50 dollars).

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Frosty Orange

image 21


The frosted orange glam is very trendy. Combine your shimmery, sheer orange eyeshadow with glossy peach lips to create the perfect outfit.

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Mauve Moments

image 24

@DANESSA_MYRICKS / instagram

Here, it’s all in the lips and eyes. Use a mauve color on your eyes and lips, like Danessa Myricks Colorfix ($20), in Latte.

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Pretty In Pink

image 26


Gigi looks lovely in pink. Her cheeks, eyes and lip are a light pink color. The result is a funky, fresh look that looks absolutely amazing.

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Cool Orange

image 25


Sydney Sweeney makes a strong case for cool orange makeup. Her peach lips, blush, and eyeshadow are the perfect match.

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