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20 Sunshine-Ready Lemon Nail Art Ideas to Brighten Your Day

You know the expression. You make lemon nails when life gives you lemons. Citrus fruits are a great accent for manicures. It’s adorable, adds color to any manicure and is reminiscent of summer.

We’ve put together 20 different lemon nail designs to help you get inspired for your next manicure. See how to style the fruity manicure in different ways, from French tips to matte textures.

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Fresh Squeeze

image 1669

@bhambnails/ Instagram

Squeeze that lemon! This manicure looks so real because of the texture and details on the branches and lemons.

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French twist

image 1666

@bhambnails/ Instagram

French manicures can be given a citrus twist by adding little designs of lemon to them. You can choose to add them on every nail, or just accents.

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Short order

image 1665 Instagram

Lemon nail art is still a great trend for short nails. The base is clear, which makes the accents of fruit really stand out.

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Lemon French

image 1662 Instagram

French tips and lemon nail art combine two popular trends in one manicure. The French tips and tiny lemons add sophistication to the manicure.

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Slice of Life

image 1678 Instagram

Why not add limes to this theme? This simple French manicure is given a refreshing touch by the lemon and lime combination.

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Mellow Yellow

image 1668

@imarninails/ Instagram

The brightness of the manicure is reduced by choosing a pastel yellow. This look is made more interesting by adding French tips and lemon designs to some of the nails.

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Fruit Fantasy

image 1674

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

This sweet manicure is perfect for a quick summer manicure. Why limit yourself to lemons, when you can also add watermelon and kiwis? This looks like a fruit platter at your fingertips.

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Mini Masterpiece

image 1663

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

This mini-masterpiece is the lemon manicure. Each fruit has been hand-painted in a beautiful design. The little details, from the stems of the lemon to the skin on the fruit, make this a unique look.

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Pretty Pairs

image 1675

@imarninails/ Instagram

Lemons look even better in pairs. Place the lemons at different places on each nail to keep it interesting.

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Lemons and Florals

image 1664


If you are looking for lemon nails ideas that have a cheerful, seasonal feel, then this is the look to go for. This manicure is dreamy with its floral accents and French tips.

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Limoncello Moment

image 1674

@paintbucketnails/ Instagram

These nails are perfect for when you can’t get to Italy. The bright yellow French tips and the mix of lemons remind us of limoncello.

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Sliced up

image 1678

@paintbucketnails/ Instagram

You can wear lemons in two different ways: whole or sliced. The fruit nail art gives this manicure a vibrant, playful feel. However, the nude nail polish beneath helps to anchor the look.

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Juicy Couture

image 1670

@paintbucketnails/ Instagram

These lemon nails are not basic. They’re delicious! The white background with speckling and fruit accents make this manicure pop.

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Lemon Fizz

image 1671

@myprettyset / Instagram

This lemon manicure will definitely grab attention. Even without the 3D nail art, this manicure is stunning. This lemon nail design will be perfect if you add alternating French tips of white and yellow.

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Fresh Fruity

image 1676

@vanityprojects/ Instagram

This is another way to combine all your favorite fruit into one manicure. The nude base and a different fruit on each nail keep the manicure fresh, fun and vibrant.

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Get into the Grove

image 1672

@bhambnails/ Instagram

Can you smell it? You can almost smell the citrus from these lemon nails. This lifelike lemons look great against the milky nude polish.

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Picnic perfect

image 1677

@imarninails/ Instagram

This is a great summer manicure. Include cucumbers, strawberries, mint, tomatoes and even mint in your lemon nail art.

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Matte Lemons

image 1673

@bhambnails/ Instagram

The branches and leaves of these lemon trees are intricately branched. The matte base gives the manicure texture and edge.

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Lemon Drop

image 1667

@imarninails/ Instagram

Take the minimalist route if all-over designs of fruit aren’t for you. This easy design features a few ripe, yellow lemons over a clear polish.

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Lemon Molded

image 1671

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

This unique nail design is a fun twist on the classic. Betina Goldstein, a celebrity nail artist known for her abstract and artistic manicures, has come up with a new idea.

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