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Bella Hadid’s Cannes Look: Business Bun Meets Office Siren

It’s not the same as seeing a TikTok core IRL. It’s sometimes hard to believe the algorithms that are a part of social media can look normal in real life. But Bella Hadid is here to prove it. After a two-year break, the Orebella founder is back in Cannes with a new look that means business.

Yesterday, the 27-year-old model graced the red carpet in a sheer YSL gown from the new season. The model was seen leaving the Hotel Martinez today, May 21 in an iconic model-off-duty look: a silk minidress with kitten heels. Her office siren-style “business bun” was our favorite part of the look. It tied it all together.

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Hadid’s signature style has evolved over the years. A slicked-back bun is one of her favorites. She left one strand of hair stray to frame her face and then slicked back the rest into a low bun with receptionist chic. Her frameless sunglasses gave her look a siren-like vibe, and would have looked right at home in The Devil Wears Prada.

Her rest of the glam was perfect for the warm, sunny weather in Cannes. She chose a bronzed cheek with a subtle wash of coral pink blush, and a matte glossy pink lip.

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We know that Molly Dickinson, a stylist from Cannes, has been responsible for the looks. Hadid posted a street-style look on her Instagram Story wearing a matching pink corseted set. The caption read: “Orebella at hand at all time” and showed a close-up of her office bun.

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What about office buns on the beach? We’ll do anything for a try, especially if Hadid has signed off on it.

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