13 Serene Manicure Ideas in Sage Green

We can’t help but stare at a color of nail polish that catches our eye. Our latest shade du jour? Sage green. This color is surprisingly versatile, and we would even go as far as to say that it’s neutral. It has a soothing, earthy feel to it. Do you still not believe us? You can scroll down to see 11 sage-green manicures you’ll love all year.

Sage Chrom

image 1424


Try a chrome powder for a super-glossy finish. For those who are new to mani-pedis, they can opt for a topcoat that has a similar result. The LondonTown Diamond Shine Top Coat is $20.

Velvet Magnetic

image 1417


Make a statement by showcasing a velvet magnetic manicure. This effect gives a semi-metallic, shimmering glow to a simple manicure.

Twinkle tips

image 1420


Simple patterns are a great way of adding some color to sage-green nails, without taking away from the calm and peaceful feel. This star effect is easy to achieve at home using a nail stamp or detail brush.

Sage and Swirls

image 1421


This groovy spiral design is totally customizable. Create whatever shape you desire and let the wind take its course.


image 1414


This mani is a definite ’70s look to us. We love the combination of the chartreuse green with hints of sage, the cow print and the flower power. The unexpected accent nails give a sense of fun and whimsy.

Milky Way Tip

image 1418


This manicure is just downright celestial. It features a white tie-dye effect, and stars on the tips each nail. The details are kept within the upper third to make it look cleaner and minimalist. However, we think that it would also look great across the entire nail.

Golden Green

image 1422


This sage green shade has flecks and pearls of gold for a shimmering effect. It is more neutral than cool. Duri’s Nail Polish 776 Peace & Love (11 dollars) is a good alternative to the shade shown above, which was unfortunately limited edition.

Negative Spatial

image 1418


Negative space sage manicures are zen-like, and they’re surprisingly simple to do at home. Allow your brush to do its work, leaving negative space on each nail. You’re done! Seal the nail with top coat.

Terrazzo Style

image 1423


Terrazzo floors may seem outdated, but the manicure below makes a strong case for wearing it on your nails. The earthy tone of the sage-green shade is a nice addition to the serene color. After all, in Latin “terra” means “earth”. This sweet style is so beautiful.

Matte Matcha

image 1415


Try a matte top coat, such as the Ella + mila Matte-ly In Love Matte Top Coat (11 dollars), to give a subtle twist to a traditional sage mani. The nontraditional finish gives a subtle hint of visual appeal without being too overwhelming.

The Gilded Sage

image 1416


The gold foil accents elevate any manicure. This includes a sophisticated set of negative space. The sage-green details ground this elegant look.

Green on green

image 1425


This swirly, curly mani is easy to do even for the most shaky hands. Combine a lighter shade of sage with a deeper one for added visual interest. Then, add curved lines as you please.

Standard Sage

image 1419

@gelcare.official / Instagram

This glossy, solid sage nail polish could be our best example of green as a neutral. This shade is Gelcare UV/LED in Sage ($20).

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