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Who Says Sweatpants Can’t Be Chic? 10 Outfit Ideas to Get Fashioned

We love wearing sweatpants in the fall and winter, both inside and outside the home. It’s easy to lounge in coords, but knowing how to dress in sweatpants and still look stylish is a bit of an art. Add tailored basics to contrast your sweats and make them feel more structured.

A pinstripe oversize blazer looks great with gray sweatpants, a sleek lace underlayer, and gray sweatpants. You can finish the look with a pair of heels, a chunky choker, and a mini-bag to be ready for an evening out. You can also go the preppy route by popping your collar from your button-down shirt out of under your sweatsuit and accessorizing it with Mary Janes and tortoise shades, as well as a pastel messenger handbag.

There are many other ways to style your sweatpants. We’ve listed our top 10 looks that you can pull off quickly. Browse through the street-style looks for inspiration and then find a pair of sweatpants that will fit in with any of them. The options are endless for a stylish sweatpants ensemble. From the dreamy sage cargo sweats to the tapered heather joggers that cost less than $30 and come in eight different colors, the possibilities seem limitless.

How to Style White Sweatpants with Sneakers

How to Style White Sweatpants With Sneakers

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Choose a matching set of white sweatpants and roll the hem up at the ankle to reveal your favorite white sneakers. Finish off the look with a classic trench coat in white.

How to style sweatpants with UGGs

How to Style Sweatpants With UGGs

Getty | Jeremy Moeller

It’s true that you can look stylish wearing gray sweatpants with UGGs. The combination may seem casual, but when you add a turtleneck, a long camel coat with aviators and a leather bag to your look, you will feel elevated.

How To Style Sweatpants Using A Shacket

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This season, cozy shackets will be a necessity. Use your favorite to break up monochrome sweatpants. Finish off the look with chunky sneakers, gold jewelry layered on top, and a leather bag.

How To Style Sweatpants with a Muscle Tee

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The white T-shirt will always be a staple, but adding a muscle tee with a ’80s vibe to your sweatpants is edgier. Vintage-inspired sunglasses, with transparent lenses, are a great way to bring back the ’80s. Choose delicate jewelry and a crossbody bag for streamlined convenience.

How To Style Sweatpants with a Fleece jacket

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The best way to create a stylish winter look is to mix textures and tones. These oatmeal knit joggers will help you achieve this. A fleece jacket and beanie will add even more softness. Finish with shiny combat boots in patent leather to make your footwear pop and add a touch of toughness.

How To Style Sweatpants with Chunky Boots

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It’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but fashion girls love this combination because it’s the best way to show off your shoes. You can keep it cool with chunky boots, and accent your footwear by carrying a black leather handbag.

How To Style Sweatpants with a Long Coat

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A longline wool jacket with a leather belt bag draped over your shoulder, and a platform shoe are the perfect way to show you know what’s in style. Choose flared or straight leg sweatpants that are neutral in color and still show off your shoes.

How to Style Sweatpants with an Oversized Blazer

How to Style Sweatpants With an Oversize Blazer

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A tailored blazer will instantly polish any sweatpants ensemble. A pointed-toe flat, kitten heel or mesh bodysuit with a mesh top adds subtle sophistication.

How To Style Sweatpants with Heels

How to Style Sweatpants With Heels

Getty | Daniel Zuchnik

If you’re not thinking of pairing a sweatsuit and Mary Jane block heels with your sweatpants, layering a button down with a crisp neckline underneath, plus a matching crossbody bag with flap, your outfit will instantly become preppy.

Style your Sweatpants with Adidas Sambas

How to Style Sweatpants With Adidas Sambas

Getty | Jeremy Moeller

Dress up your Sambas or sweats with an oversized, boxy shearling jacket and a sequined bag that screams “fashionista”. Hoop earrings and tortoise sunglasses are additional accessories that make your outfit seem well-considered and street-style-approved.

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